Monday, December 29, 2008

Choosing Joy: Getting Back to "Normal"...

So, we had to take grandma to the was time for her to go home. =[ The kids were really sad, but we were thankful for such a great visit. I know she'll miss us, but I also know that it'll be nice for her to get back to her home. She is so laid back, she never complains and always goes with the flow...but now she can sit in her special chair - it's high enough that she doesn't have to struggle to get up or down from it, she can get back to Daisy - her dog and she will be with Aunt Lu who is not only her daughter, but probably her best friend.

We will also try to get back into some sort of routine. I've already begun to take the Christmas decorations down. Put the couch back where it goes...started thinking about the girls and their second sememster schoolwork. *sigh* Ah, yes...a new year is coming and I have intentions (as always) to make it the best ever. =]

Naomi cried when I started packing the ornaments. She didn't want me to "put away Christmas" as she says. I told her that the ornaments are not Christmas, that Jesus is Christmas and that we always have Him. Um, yeah. Sounds nice and spiritual, but this 3 year old was not having it. She cried and clung to the mobile Winnie the Pooh that we had out. Oh, well. She'll be alright. It brings me joy to clean up and get my family back into some sort of routine...hopefully, we can stick with it! =]

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TrulyBlessed said...

Oh Naomi... that cutie patutie!! We are packing up our Christmas stuff too... now the house looks bare! New Year-new ideas!! =) California trip anyone?! =0