Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo tag and I'm it!...

Okay. I've seen this on some random blogs I read and I've just been tagged by my friend, Cyn. You are supposed to go to your 6th file, 6th photo on your computer and then post that picture and tell something about it.
So, here is mine.

I had to look at the photo's details to find the date - it says April of 2007 - but this was taken in Arizona and it is my youngest sister Deborah with Hannah, Taryn, and Naomi along with my brother's children Allexia, Lucas and brand new baby Logan.
It was cool to look at this file, because I forgot how little and adorable they all were! So cute!
I tag:
Get busy girls, 'cause I'm coming by to check! =]


McKay Family said...

Love it! I tagged you too! Was waiting to see what picture you would post!

Le@nne said...

This is cool :) I wonder what my sixth photo would be...