Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love Post #11 ~ My Siblings...

I am the oldest of 5. There are 4 years between Ondray and I, 9 years between Esther and I, 15 years between Tabi and I, and 18 years between Deborah and I. Yup. We are spread out. Because of the age difference, I didn't really "know" my siblings growing up.
I used to get really sad when I taught Jr. High and High School, because I felt like I knew more about my students than I did about my own brother and sisters.
We are all grown now, with the youngest about to turn 21, and I can finally say that we are very close! I am so thankful for email, Verizon to Verizon, Txt and Pix messaging and most of all, Facebook.
We have been able to touch base and keep in touch on a daily basis.

Ondray - Next to my dad and husband, he is the man that I look up to the most. I think he'd be shocked to know this, but it's true.

Esther - She lived with Marco and I for about 3 years. She went through a lot of changes during that time, and now is a wonderful, loving and caring person.

Tabitha - I was able to get to know her a little more when she came and spent a summer with us, not too long ago. She just recently had her first baby and is going to be a wonderful momma.

Deborah - She is the youngest, the baby, and probably the most independent thinker I know. She is a dreamer, an artist and a good friend.

I love my siblings so much. I get really home-sick for them - especially lately, since Tabi had her baby and all the sisters were together.

I am proud of all of them and their accomplishments. I am more proud to know that they are genuine people that love life and love the Lord.

Miss and love you guys!!


TrulyBlessed said...

oh sis... i am getting all teary eyed... i miss you too and love you with all my heart. i can't wait till you meet him... he will make you cry when you look into his eyes. =)

Virginia Harris said...

You have a beautiful family, Sherry!