Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Post #2 ~ My 4 babies...

(The girls wearing purple and gold for spirit day at school)

Hannah - my first born, my big girl, my little mama. I don't think I could do all the things I do without her. She cooks, she cleans, she watches the little ones... She really is so much help. Now, don't worry. I make sure that she has a good balance of responsibility, fun and free time. She loves life and has a pretty positive disposition at all times.
Taryn - my little bear is sensitive about others' feelings, she is confident and a go getter. She has suffered with asthma and many allergies since she was little - yet, she doesn't ever let it slow her down. Oh and humor! This girl will make you laugh out loud!
(Marco and Naomi eating their conversation hearts - all in one sitting!)

My little Naomi - my little princess. She is calm, thoughtful, doesn't rush into anything. She is very particular about certain things, just like her mama. She has a favorite Princess Purse that you can usually find in every picture (it got cropped out of this one) because she always has it. It doesn't matter if she is playing or whatever - her one hand is clutching her purse. She just got the Hello Kitty watch that she is wearing in the picture and she is kind of doing the same thing. She is very close to her little brother and she wants to marry her daddy when she grows up.
Marco Joseph - my big guy. Aghhhhhhhh! My life is so different now with him in it! He literally has changed how we a good way. =] He is so active, he keeps us on our toes at all times, and you never know what he is going to be into next. On the other hand, he gives the best kisses, does "Nice" (he tucks his head down to his shoulder and gives the sweetest smile and says "Nice"), counts to ten in the sweetest way and even says "Happy Birthday, Hi or Bye" to anyone that passes.
These are my babies. This is my life.


TrulyBlessed said...

ok Marco Joseph's hair makes him look so different... almost as if he looks older. p.s. your hair looks super cute... mom all week has been telling me how much i look like you and remind her of you... she seems to miss you a lot!

SavedbyGrace said...

how have I missed all these blogs? Anyhow, I love your kiddo's they are truly wonderful and special! you're a blessed mama