Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Post #4 ~ My Marco...

(At our Luau themed Valentine's Banquet)

My Heart!

Best Daddy ever!

Our church has a theme this year (that I've mentioned here before) and we are trying to keep the same theme throughout some of the activities during the year. Our theme is "Flourishing In Him". The theme for our banquet was "Flourishing In Love"
Psalm 92:12 talks about flourishing like the palm tree, so he spoke about how our marriages could flourish and this is what he shared:
P - Patience - We need to have patience with each other. Sometimes, we have more patience with people outside of our families because we are being "polite", yet we can be so short with the ones we love most.
A - Affection - We need to be affectionate with each other. We need to not be afraid to show affection in front of the children. You may not have grown up in a family of "huggers", but you can have a family that's not afraid to be close.
L - Loyalty - Husbands and Wives need to learn to be loyal to each other. Through thick and thin, we should not ever feel the need to bad mouth our spouse to others. What happens when you've made up and think he's the "bees knees", only for your friends and family to think he's a total loser. I know that we sometimes need to "vent", but be careful and thoughtful before you throw things out there. =]
M - Maturity - This is something that makes any relationship better. If you look at most "fights or arguments" you realize that they were over very trivial things.
A - Approval - This goes both ways! Sometimes all you need is validation, right? So many people go through life not ever knowing that anything they do matters. When's the last time you told your loved one how thankful you are for them. When is the last time you wrote them a little note telling them some little special thing about them? I already know that some of you are thinking, "Well, he/she never does it for me..." Well, I understand that. You know what though? HeShe might learn as you do it for them. If you are sincere - it will not go unnoticed.
We do not have a "perfect" marriage, but we are always working on getting it closer to being perfect. There may be some especially rough days here and there (usually my fault), but we get through it, because we do try and practice the above points. So, what do you think? Do you want the relationships in your life to flourish? Try PALMA (Spanish for Palm).


SavedbyGrace said...

Awesome Sherry, and everything looks great!

Cyn M said...

Sounds like a fabulous message! Inspiring...
Fireproof Your Marriage started tonight and I have to admit that it was REALLY GOOD!
I love when a study references verses in the Bible and this definitely had us flipping all through it!!!