Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Weathering the Storm...

I was watching the news the other night as hurricane Ike rained down his fury through Texas. I watched as brave newsreporters tried to hold their ground and not be blown off into the next state. You can bet that after hurricane Katrina, most people are going to take these things more seriously.

My thoughts took me to some storms that I (and friends and family) have had to face. There are always so many questions - so many intense feelings and reactions. It could be a storm where someone's health is in jeopardy. It could be a financial or marital storm. It could be circumstances of change that have somehow turned your life upside down.

Do you remember the story in Matthew 14:22-33? Jesus had instructed His disciples to get into the ship and meet Him on the other side. He KNEW they would be in that ship when the storm hit! The verses talk about Peter as he left the ship to meet Jesus on the water. When the waves started to get violent, he became afraid and started to sink. He called out to Jesus. These verses show me that Christ took his hand and walked him back to the boat. He did not automatically make the waves stand still. Sometimes, we have to endure the storm, go through it all the way - but He will be with you through it. You may have to call on Him, but He will be there to carry you. He did not leave Peter's side.

There is another story that is found in Mark 4:35-41. The disciples were in a ship again. This time Jesus was already with them when the storm came. The waves were coming up over the boat and I can imagine that they feared for their life. Where was Jesus? He was asleep! He was not worried. The disciples even woke Him and asked if He even cared if they died. It is so easy for us to question God. Sometimes, my faith is so small and I forget to ask God for peace and understanding. Instead, I waste my energy with worry and panic.

I think that sometimes, it is even harder to understand and accept the storms that are in our life when all we are trying to do is live for Him and serve Him. Let us remember that if we are where He wants us, then He is there too. As a matter of fact, I know that He never leaves us. He has something that we need to learn. He is making us stronger for something ahead. He is making us realise that our priorities need to be in order. He knows, even if we don't know.

I love the song Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns and Jesus, Bring the Rain by Mercy Me. Both songs are in my playlist on my sidebar. Have a listen to the words. I pray that these songs, along with the Scripture that I've shared will help you to weather the storm.


Tammi said...

I loved reading your blog today! Hummm... the storms; goodness the storms. I am so thankful that the waters have been calmed. AMEN!!!

Elisabeth Renee said...

Good post! Good reminders.

Traci said...

That was a beautiful post and so true. Very grateful that I read it today!

Willow said...

Hi, I found you through The Mom Blogs and I just really like your site! It's beautiful, the music is beautiful and I love your hobbies! I have always wanted to try my hand at altered books but, alas, I am not particularly creative or artistic!