Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SS Blog Challenge: ORANGE CRUSH!

From Sarah: What is your favorite color and why. Add a picture so we can get the "feel" for your favorite color.
Oh, this was an easy one! I love ORANGE.
Orange makes me happy. It is fresh. It reminds me of summer citrus, drinking Orange Crush, and beautiful sunsets. It also reminds me of my favorite season - Autumn. I love the colors of autumn. I love pumpkins. I even have my home decorated in autumn theme all year round.
I miss the colors of fall so much that I've even blogged about (CLICKY) how a dear friend sent me colorful leaves from Indiana.
I pretty much like every shade of orange, but my favorite would be the pumpkin orange. What's your favorite color?


Lita said...

Love the new layout - gorgeous colours!

Joan said...

I have been flirting with Orange this past year. It really is a fun, warm, comforting color. I have never lived in a place that has a real change of seasons. One day I want to eperience a real Autumn.

Anonymous said...

oh I will think of you then when the leaves start changing! Indiana is so stunningly beautiful in the fall! It is the best season to live here! We are just now starting to have our cool days (60 yesterday and 40 last night!) so it won't belong until we start seeing some color in the trees! and that also means it is time for the big Covered Bridge Festival! Have you ever heard about it? It is AWESOME!

jimbo said...

Ah, Orange Crush. Your post brought back memories from when I was a teenager, on my first job. Days working hard in the sun, Summer days, very hot, very thirsty, and then my employer would show up with a six-pack of Orange Crush, in bottles, ice cold. Man, that went down fast and smooth and felt good.


Karen said...

i love your blog page and your 'orange' :) love the pics of the street, stunning. unfortunately i'm not sure what orange crush is like lol, we dont have that in Aus!!!! but it does sound so refreshing!!