Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #7 - Embarrassing Moments

I am playing catch up since I was without internet for one very long week! This challenge was handed out by my dear friend Tiffany!

BLOG CHALLENGE # 7 - Embarrassing Moments

If you only have one most embarrassing story then you are lucky! I have about ten really good ones that still make me red in the face when I recount them. But one thing I have found is that most embarrassing stories usually result in someone reporting back to you that they have had a similar experience or know someone who has. We all do dumb things, have stupid stuff happen to us in public, experience an escape of gas at the most inopportune moment or find ourselves in a predicament we just didn't expect. Ever.

The challenge this week is to write about one of those moments. Trust me.....it will be cathartic! I would suggest....and it is merely just a suggestion....that you keep the subject lighthearted. This is your choice but I'm not encouraging anyone to dredge up some long-held secret that you swore you would never reveal. It's a chance to laugh at yourself and commisserate with others about the times when things just don't go right.

Blog on!!

Well, I definitely have no problems embarrassing myself, but I guess I need to choose a story that is not going to embarrass me AGAIN, just by re-telling it. So let me think...

Okay...here goes. About 14 years ago, my husband and I attended a very large conference at a near by Spanish church. We had just gotten married and he was the Youth Pastor for his father's church. I had not yet learned to speak Spanish. I was determined though to do my best at learning as fast as I could. Even though most of the members spoke English, I had a desire to show them and my new family, that I wanted to speak their language. I spoke what little bit I knew whenever I had the chance. So, there we were at the conference. The place was packed. During one of the breaks between the teaching sessions, I decided that I would take a restroom break.

Did I mention that the place was packed? It was like trying to get through Main Street in Disneyland after a parade just finished. So as I made my way throught the crowd, I decided that the polite way to get through as fast as possible would be to say "Excuse me" and just hustle my way through. So there I went saying "Pedo, pedo" to everyone I passed. I smiled warmly, but had a determined look about me as I passed each person. I started to realize that these people were not returning my kind smile. As a matter of fact, they looked shocked, amused, and even insulted. Hmph! Well, excuse me. So I hadn't learned to roll my r's yet. I knew my accent was obvious, but at least I was trying.

When I got back to my seat, I must've looked a little upset. My husband asked what was wrong and I told him what had just happened. He had the same look on his face as the others and then it was replaced with a huge grin. He started to laugh (which didn't help how I felt). He asked if I was trying to say "Perdon". Uh, yeah, I guess. Whatever. I was not in the mood to chat. That is when he informed me that the word I was using meant FART. Oh.my.word. I was going through that crowd with my prettiest smile pasted on my face and saying, "fart, fart, (smile) fart..." No wonder. Even though I have learned to speak Spanish and understand it fluently now, I just say "excuse me" when I am trying to get through a crowd!


gaye said...

That is too funny. I know it probably didn't seem it at the time, but it's hilarious to read about it.

Brynn said...

That is absolutely hilarious, PIMP funny! Holy cow, I'm still laughing just thinking about it! It so sounds like something I would do. For what it's worth, I think it's safer to just say "excuse me" too! :)