Thursday, March 27, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #9 - Choose JOY!

From Melissa in Waco -

This week, my challenge to you is to blog one thing, each day, that has brought a smile to your face. Could be something as simple as the first bloom of spring, a silly comment from a child, or a blessing you've received. As I read through the prayer requests on ScrapShare, many of us are facing what seem to be insurmountable odds. I've had a hard time recently focusing on the joys in my life and have been letting our problems bring me down. I'm not suggesting we ignore issues; rather, let's find a piece of joy in each day.

Sunday: Sunday is church day. No questions asked. I got up and got ready to face the battle of waking my girls after they chose to stay up way too late the night before. I am not even out of my room, when I hear something in the hall. I look up and it's my oldest. She is showered, dressed, and ready to go. She was getting clothes ready for the two youngest. Wow. Some days, she blows me away. She just wanted to be a help that day!

Monday: Well, today is St. Patrick's Day and I decided to go out and get something for the kids. You can read about that a couple entries down. They loved it and it made my heart smile to see them so happy.

Tuesday: I had a homeschool meeting today. I usually have the hardest time getting everything ready for these meetings and then getting there on time. Today - I was ready and I was early! LOL We met at Panera bakery and all I ordered was a green tea. =] It was tempting being around all that yummy goodness, but I refrained...oh, wait. Maybe I bought a small, very small chocolate chip cookie. I can't remember really....... =D

Wednesday: We have a chime that plays everytime the front door is opened. Today, we discovered that the baby says "DaDa" everytime he hears it. He's used to the girls yelling for dad when he gets home from work. So sweet. He even starts crawling to the door!

Thursday: I had been looking forward to this day all week! Desiree (Menjiness from SS) was coming over to play. I made some of my homemade chicken taquitos, got the extra scrapbook table out and waited for my friend. It was great. We mostly talked and caught up with each other, of course we ate, and then finally we even scrapped. I need more of that kind of time!

Friday: I got to scrap a few more pages. The kids were especially good. It's Good Friday. God is good!

Saturday: Finished up last minute shopping and made Easter goodies for the kids in my Jr. Church and did baskets for the nursery kids, and baskets for my HS girls class. I was exhausted, but enjoyed doing them. The hilight of the day was coloring eggs with my kids. It was Marco's first time and all he wanted to do was eat the eggs! Naomi knew what was going on for the first time. She couldn't get them painted fast enough. Uncle Jaime even stopped by to give them an Easter treat. We all went to sleep knowing that we would be celebrating the Lord's Resurrection. We would wake up and all sit on the couch. Marco would read from the Bible and then we would pray and then the children would hunt for their baskets. Good times, good times.


Lee said...

Good for you! I have seriously tried to do this challenge - since it was issued - but I just can't clear my head enough. Maybe you can send along some of your infectious joy and write mine for me?

Muzic Luvr said...

hello, i didnt read the whole story (sorry) but i just wanted to say "HI".
if you dont know who this is............ ITS ELORA (brenda's niece).

hahahahahahahaha i really like your blog. and the green bagel thing was SO cool.

hey you should come check out my blog (ask brenda for it).

mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (that was a kiss) ......(on the cheek)

bye bye