Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moving....Ugh....*sigh*....Woo Hoo!....

Well, we are finally moved in. I am sooooo exhausted. We got everything moved on Saturday, had church services Sunday, unpacked a bunch yesterday, and now I am waiting on my daughter who is taking a state writing test at a nearby location. They have free Wi-Fi, so I thought I'd jump on real quick to check some things out.
No internet for two days. Talk about withdrawals. We do not have internet at the house yet. That is on the list of priorities!
Anyway, the house is great! The best thing is that it is so close to church! Just one Sunday and we've already felt the great benefit!
I will come back to tell you more about the house and post pictures. Off to unpack!


SavedbyGrace said...

Oh you are gonna miss out on soooo much! :) Can't wait to hear about your new casa!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! No internet! That would to priority on my list!!!! Thanks for encouraging me to start my blog! I'm having so much fun with it!!!!

Gabrielle said...

I hate to move! But love to unpack! Go figure! :) It's fun to take you things out and put them in a new location...feels like everything is new!

Glad to hear your close to church! With 4 kids, it makes it easier when getting ready and not having to leave as early. I know, I have 4 kids too! :)