Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #8 - Best and Worst

This challenge will catch me up. Phew! I do not want to get behind on the challenges. Anyway, this is from Joanie. I really like this idea and think that I will try to apply this at least once a week to our family time.

When we are lucky enough to gather around the table and have everyone home for our evening meal, there are always two questions we ask everyone seated at the table....What was your favorite part of your day today?andWhat was your least favorite part of your day today?Even Joel participates in this tradition. Most days the answers are somewhat predictable but there are days when my sweet children surprise me with wonderful insights into our world.So pick a day this week and sit down and just blog those two questions.

My favorite part of the day today - honestly - was getting our internet hooked up! I was starting to get the shakes. LOL I did not think it would be that big of a deal, but it was. I had to catch up on some of my favorite blogs, websites, emails, etc. My girls had work that needed to be printed from different sites for school. Not only is it my connection to the "outer world", it's my stress relief.

My not so favorite part of the day was, hands down, dealing with a fussy 7 month old while trying to explain square roots to my eight year old. Crying baby to the left of me, confused 8 year old to the right....here I am stuck in the middle again... Sorry, couldn't help going into song.
Okay...I had to come back to edit and add that the day is not over and now I have a new favorite thing of the day. We just had our family devotions (every Tuesday night) and my husband had each of us find a favorite verse and share it with everyone and explain what it means to us. Then he asked us to pick a favorite song to sing together. It was so much fun to sing together (the six of us). Even Naomi and baby Marco got in on the fun with their clapping and their own rendition of the songs. Yes, that was the best part of this day. *sigh*


Lee said...

Sounds like lovely day ... and some fabulous new traditions in your new home.

Melissa said...

We ALWAYS ask at the dinner table what our favorite part of the day was. Even our dinner guests get in on it and answer. Some frequent dinner guests will even start the question now. :-)

SavedbyGrace said...

I love your updated favorite part of the day. You have a wonderful leader in your home!