Friday, February 29, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #6 - Superheroes

This weeks challenge is from Kelly Belle. The blog challenge this week is if you could be ANY superhero, who would it be and what special super-power would you enjoy using the most?

I often dream of being able to be invisible or being able to fly, but this week, I wish for something else. You see, we are moving. Again. It's okay though. I am not complaining. We will be so much closer to our church and friends - it's just exhausting!

Sooooo....if I could have some super power right now I would choose something that would help me to sort, organize, and pack in a flash. One of my biggest problems is that I will get started in a room, leave for some reason, get distracted and then start somewhere else. Not very organized. It's taking me forever, because I want to inspect every little thing. Should we keep it? Throw it out? Give it away? Save for Ebay? Aaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkk!

I would also need to use those same powers to do all the unpacking, sorting and putting away once I get to the new house.

If only I could just wiggle my nose, or point my finger at something to make it happen. *sigh* Oh well, where was I? Oh, I was in the other room packing. I just stopped in to check my messages! Yikes, I better get out of here or I'll never get done...unless I wish hard enough....maybe..... =]

Painting found at this site.

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Lee said...

I do hope the packing gets easier. It's the worst time, but the best for purging - I'm all about the organizing and tossing! Thinking of you!