Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School...

Naomi is starting Kindergarten

Taryn is starting 6th. Top of the elementary!

Hannah is going into the 10th grade.

On the playground reserved for Kinders only! =)

Naomi found her place right away!

Then she had to locate her cubby. That was easy.

Everybody was asked to work quietly while the teacher greeted each new student.

Mrs. Saucedo seems like a firm, but kind teacher. Perfect for Naomi.

Naomi loved that everything was provided for her, including a new pack of Crayola Crayons that were the perfect size for her!

Here's Taryn waiting in line to enter her classroom.

Mrs. M&M...another firm teacher. The kids really like her already!

And here is MY student. Little Marco just turned three and we've got some fun and educational days planned. I look forward to being with my sweet boy as much as possible. I am so thankful for an excellent school system for my girls. I know there will be some challenges, but I am also trusting the peace that God has put in our hearts about this.
Looking forward to a great school year!!


Jasmine said...

Can't believe summer is already over! Hope your girls have a nice school year.

shirley said...

Great first day of school pictures! You are lucky they let you take so many!