Thursday, August 26, 2010

R.I.P. Rolly Polly

I've been calling him Curious George lately. He wants to know about everything and I love it. My hubby was walking him inside yesterday. It was still very early in the day. Marco saw this rolly polly. He decided that it was his best friend and that they were going to spend the day together.

I gave him a little dish for his "pet". Of course, he wanted to feed him. I told him that the little guy would be fine. He insisted that the rolly polly would want cereal like him.

"He's eating it mama!"

"Now he's in a ball!"
He had his rolly polly do all kinds of activities with him. They played some computer games together. He sat the dish on the lap top so that his rolly polly could "see" the screen. Then they watched a cartoon. It was too hot to go outside for anything... He decided that he wanted his rolly polly to drived the race car....
"Mommy, my best friend is playing cars with me!"

I would have taken pictures of them racing cars...if only I had known. Sadly, there was a tragic accident. Rolly polly was involved in a three car pile up. It wasn't pretty.
Poor Marco. Poor Rolly Polly. You will not be forgotten; you were a good friend. R.I.P.

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Jasmine said...

Aw, as tragic as it is, it kind of made me giggle. How very sweet.