Friday, August 6, 2010


Marco just turned THREE years old. One of his favorite gifts was this home-made play dough.

He and his sister can play all morning with this stuff. Sure, he received all sorts of toys and he loves them's just that he keeps going back to this...and I'm glad.

When the girls were younger, I played with them all the time. We did activities...or "activilees" as Hannah called it when she was little.
I feel like I've been missing that with my son and even a little with Naomi. We started the church almost 4 years ago, I home-schooled for a while and then went into full-time teaching. He just got shuffled to the back...Not much time for simple fun... Special time from mommy.
My cousin, Erin, who has been SUCH a help as far as my fitness and weight-loss journey once told me, ‎"Most things worth doing are simple, but not easy...". WOW!! That really resonated with me. Sometimes the solution to something is SO SIMPLE, yet it's not easy to do. How hard is it to give my time to my family? How hard is it to say "No" to unhealthy foods? How hard is it to do what I need to do for my family, my ministry, or myself? It's not's simple...but not easy. Are you confused yet? I'm not. It's kind of like "not seeing the forest for the trees"...or is it the "not seeing the trees for the forest"? haha
Simplicity. Yes. I want it back.

Look at those little dimples in her hands...

My special kids. This is why I am staying home this year. At least until this little guy gets into school. He needs me...or better yet, I need him. Simple.

And speaking of simple. Here is the adorable tag, ribbon and hand-made pinwheel that accompanied the gift of Play Dough. Thank you Lena!! Would you like the Simple recipe?
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
3 Tbs. cooking oil
1 unsweetened package of Kool-Aid
Add: 1 cup of boiling water and knead.

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