Friday, July 30, 2010

It started with some asparagus...

I have been cooking lots of fresh vegetables this summer. One of our favorites is the asparagus that I pick up at Costco. I usually steam them or grill them... Anyway, I decided to try wrapping them in bacon tonight - just to give it a twist. I know that it's a common option, but I've never personally done this at home.

I first drizzled EVOO on the asparagus and then added Mrs. Dash and fresh ground pepper. Then I put about 4 in a bunch and wrapped it with one raw strip of bacon.

Make sure your pan or griddle is hot before you place the bundle on the pan. This will help them to crisp up faster and they won't really stick. Cook over medium heat.

The time it takes for the bacon to cook should be just about the amount needed to make sure the asparagus are just right.

I also seasoned some zucchini that I got at the Farmers' Market with the same things as the asparagus. My hubby put these on the grill and they were PERFECT. Could have put them on a little longer or on a hotter grill if we wanted the grill marks, but meh. Who cares, right?

We served it with some great pork loin steaks that I got at Costco as well. A side of fresh avacado and I was one happy camper.
I love that I take more time to think about my food when I'm eating right. I'm still learning about Paleo eating, but so far - I love it and my family has no complaints either.

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