Friday, July 4, 2008

Blog Challenge #22 - Greatest Lesson Learned

This challenge is from my friend Lee.

In honour of Father's Day and since mine has been on my mind of late: tell me, what is the greatest lesson you ever learned from your father?

Just thinking about writing this challenge brought a cry to my throat. My dad is one of the most amazing people I know. He loves unconditionally. Next to my husband, he is the hardest working man I know. He served in the US Army for at least 20 years and did it with pride. I am his oldest. There are five of us. I always feel like I am more special and have that special place in his heart. Funny thing is, if you asked any of his children who the favorite is, they would each think it was themselves. That's how he is.

The greatest lesson I have learned from my dad is to persevere. No matter what challenges have come his way, he keeps going. I am sure that he would legally qualify for disability with all of his leg and back troubles, but does he quit? Never. It's almost frustrating to see him work so hard sometimes, but you can't do anything about it. It's in him. You should see his hands. Big, strong hands. Calloused, cracked...maybe even oil under his nails, yet with those same strong hands he will lovingly play with his grandchildren, help someone at the church where he faithfully serves. I love my father, I am a daddy's girl, and I believe that I am a better person because of him.


Brynn said...

He sounds like a great man & an even better DAD!

Lee said...

Your dad sounds like a lovely man, Sherry.

SavedbyGrace said...

After having Abby, and her being the oldest and first daughter. I would have to admit that there is something special about the first daughter. however there is something special about the black sheep too! BAAAAAAAA!