Friday, July 18, 2008

Have you missed me?

I know my posts have been very that the word I mean? Well, it'll have to do. I am sooooo tired.

Besides all of the normal mayhem that I deal with on a daily basis, this week was also what I call my "heavy work week". I have a part time job that only requires me to work one week out of every month. Sometimes, ...I work an extra week to do maintenance.

Many people have asked me what I do. I will tell you. I work for a marketing company. One of their biggest clients are grocery stores. They are responsible for the big advertisements that hang from the ceiling, the big decals on the floor, the ads that are in the frames at the end of the carts, etc. Well, I have a route with a boat load of stores and I change out the ads on the carts once a month. That's it. They've asked me several times to switch to in-store where I would install and load those little coupon machines that your wonderful children like to play with, but I just can't. You see, I have little ones at home and I need to be with them as much as possible. However, we still need the extra income (small as it is), so this is perfect for me. I work my own hours - as long as it's done during the assigned week.

This week was especially hard. I usually go with my hubby in the evening when it is not so hot, there are not as many people shopping, etc. I've been feeling bad for DH though, because he has been working so much. You see, he is a pastor for a small church that we started less than two years ago. It is independently run, meaning we are not under a larger denomination, so any bills that we have (rent, electricity, salary, and everything in between to run the place) is paid for from our offerings. A lot of the time, the offerings don't quite cover it all. In order to keep a steady income for our family, he has also been working a secular (non church) job to take care of us. I just love him for that. He NEVER complains. He doesn't work his other job on Sundays, but we have a mid-week service and a youth night on Fridays and he usually goes from his one job, home to change and then straight to church.

So...are you still with me? It's okay if I've lost people along the way. I'm just trying to wake up. LOL Anyway, I decided that this week I would go out and do the carts myself so that he could come home (on days we don't have church) and relax and be with the kids. Only one problem. I didn't think about the above 90 degree temperature that I'd be working in. Some of my stores have 200 or more carts. Ugh. My right arm feels like it's about to fall off. LOL I also have a nagging headache because I didn't wear a hat and got too much sun. *sigh* To keep myself entertained and focused, I listen to my iPod. I am just amazed at all of the podcasts that you can download for free. I've been listening to some biographies and great events of history. If you saw me, you'd probably laugh. I look a mess when I am done. Drenched in sweat and black smudges on my face...filthy hands and nails. Oh, well. You gotta do what you gotta do. LOL

It's okay though, I'm done for now and I can relax. I can get back to my blogging and thinking. I even missed Wordless Wednesday. Oh, my that has bothered me. I know, I'm strange. I have still been keeping up with all the blogs I read - even if I don't always comment. Thanks my cyber friends!


Lee said...

You HAVE been missed! And, thanks, on behalf of all of us for doing that terrible job. Sounds dreadful, but has to be done, right? Hope you're arm is feeling better!

Christina said...

Found your blog through google blog finder when I was looking for a survey. I am a scrapper too! I like your blog and I will be back.

Your scraproom heavenly by the way!

shirley319 said...

You deserve some R&R time! I was wondering what was up, and now I know. Prayers for you and your hubby that you will have a restful weekend!

Michelle said...

I so admire you. :)

SavedbyGrace said...

sounds like you need to vaca to NM :)