Friday, July 4, 2008

Blog Challenge #21 - Your Dash

This one is from MandaPanda:

Have you heard the anonymous quote: "Everyone’s tombstone will have two dates separated by a dash"? That little dash is your time on this planet measured against eternity. How do you plan to live out that dash? Your blogging challenge this week? Blog about your dash.If the above quote is truth, how do you plan to live out the dash in your life on this planet?

First, let me say that I really hope that my dash is not too little. LOL I'd like it to be a long, healthy dash. =]

Seriously though, I have an easy answer for this challenge. I plan to live out my dash as honestly as possible. I want to be true to my family, my friends, myself, and all those around me. If you know me personally, you know that I always say that it's better to "keep it real". Why lie? Why go around with this attitude that you know it all or that you've "arrived"? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You don't have to force yours down anybody's throat. Everyone makes mistakes. You don't have to act surprised or get offended if someone points yours out. We all have room to grow.

I want to live my dash in a way that will cause people to miss me and think about me in a positive way when I am gone. I want to live each day serving the Lord. That doesn't mean it needs to be out on the mission field or in a church building. It means that you show kindness and mercy to those around you. You take care of this planet. You take care of yourself.

Sometimes, my house is a mess. Sometimes, I get mad over nothing. Don't sweat it. You know you do to. It's okay. Let's make memories with our children. Let's show them how much we love them. Let's forgive wrongs - even if not asked. I know that I will try to. How about you?


~~Carrie Ann said...

You're an inspiration, Sherry! I think your dash has already made a huge impact on others...I can't wait to keep following with you and see just how wonderful your dash is! Here's to a long, healthy dash serving God! :)

SavedbyGrace said...

I would miss you :) and just to let you know my house is never a mess ;)