Thursday, July 24, 2008

The ZOO...brought to you!

Okay people! I'm going to warn you right now. There are a lot of pictures in this post, but it's my blog and I want to there! This was the FIRST time my family has gone to a zoo together. Yes, I know. Hard to believe. I mean, what kind of parents are we? We've had a voucher since May from the girls' school to take them to the famous San Diego Zoo, but with Marco's work schedule, it just wasn't possible.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day. I took way more (if you know me), but was a bit disappointed that many of them had to be take through glass. *sigh* So, here you go. You've already seen the famous baby panda Zhen Zhen, now here are some more! *snake picture warning 4th one down...* LOL It's a purty one though.

Here's one picture of me pushing the double stroller. Marco pushed it the whole day...this was just for show...and so that I could hide myself behind it. LOL little ones are BLOOMING...oh, that's a good one!

A few thorns or weeds? 'Cept for that little bud on the bottom left.

She was a big one...or is she a he? I can't remember.
I love the way he or just kicking back with the bamboo in one hand and eating with the other. My kinda guy...or girl. =]

For my friend Lee. There were all shades of these everywhere, but no stark white ones like I've seen in your pictures.

Lunch time!

These were taken through the very scratched up, thick glass. Not bad, eh?

You lookin' at me?

Pygmy Hippo...also taken through glass. We loved looking at their ears.

Naomi loved looking at the Flamingos.

My most favorite people in the whole wide world. *sigh* Beautiful family, no?

Shhhh...this one's sleeping. They had a few Koalas and only one was awake at the time. I thought of Veronica in Aus (makes the most beautiful cards and scrapbook layouts). Not because she's always sleeping, silly. She is in Australia!

This guy gave us a great show. He was going to town in the water pit. The kids loved it!

Well, I guess that's enough. Now you have no need to go to the zoo. Just have your family gather 'round the computer and look at my blog. Have a fabulous weekend.


Brynn said...

GREAT pics Sherry! Hey, don't feel bad, I don't think we've ever been as a whole family either. *I* have taken the kids numerous times, but DH hasn't gone with us (that I can remember anyway).

Yes, you do have a beautiful family, your kids are darling! TFS all the cool pics, I loved them. My oldest will be so jealous that "your" rhino was moving around, that's his VERY fav animal & we're lucky if we can see them at the zoo (they like to hide), we've NEVER seen them moving!

CloverGirl said...

Gorgeous pics, but there is someone missing in the family one!!!!

shirley319 said...

Awesome pictures! You have access to a very nice zoo, based on all of those animals.

Kaesmom said...

OMG! I would love love LOVE to go to that zoo! You've gotten some incredible pictures - thanks so much for sharing them!

Lee said...

You do have a beautiful family, Sherry. Loved the pics - what a great advertisement for the zoo. And, thanks for the hydrangea :)

Cyn M said...

Girl, I LOVE the music on your site! I go there daily to see what will be sung to me!!!

Looks like you had a great time at the zoo (AS A FAMILY!!!)