Saturday, February 16, 2008

How Sweet It Is...

I was totally out of commission yesterday. This cold has tried to get the best of me, but it will not have the victory...the way my voice sounds right now, I could yell this like a Spartan!

Anyway, we had our church Valentine's Banquet this past Thursday night. We reserved the Marie Callender's Banquet Room. Our church's theme for the year is "Emmanuel, God With Us". So, the banquet theme was "God In Our Sweet Relationship" and we did it in a candy theme. The colors were pink and brown. I (with the help of Hannah) made some really cute centerpieces.

We made giant candy, candy bars, and lollipops. They looked good enough to eat. I just wrapped styrofoam with colored tissue paper and cellophane. Easy! I also made little matchbox treats. You take a matchbox, ditch the matches, and then decorate the box. You fill each box with a mini candybar. Nice. Another inexpensive and easy thing to tie all the colors together were the candles I decorated. I took some of the paper that I was using on the other items, cut a strip to fit around the candle, taped it in place, and then added "love" words that I stamped.

The last thing I made was the famous Target mailboxes. You need to watch for these at Target every year in the $1 spot. They are fun and easy to decorate. The only tricky part - and I am nice enough to tell you the secret - is to use a 1/2" circle punch where the flag would go. Press the paper against the screw in the flag so that you know where you need to punch. Then punch the circle. Take your scissors and cut a slit to open up the circle. Then you slide the paper around the flag and Voila! it's ready to tape or mod podge down! Decorate with embellishments and fill with your favorite treats or notes.

We had 30 in attendance. That's great considering this is only our second one ever. We could choose from a menu of three choices: Tri-tip with grilled or fried shrimp, Salmon (Cajun or lemon-peppered) with grilled shrimp, or Lemon Garlic Chicken. All of the meals came with cornbread, salad, drinks, and pie. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Bring on the corn bread and pie!!...ehem...where was I?

Oh and we had fun games and fellowship and a very nice challenge from our Pastor (who happens to be very handsome =D ), and music from Moises, Maria and Jonathan. Over-all it was a great night. I am already thinking of ideas for next year. I want the couples to dress according to whatever theme I choose...this is going to be fun!

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