Saturday, June 7, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #19 - Ultimate Music Mix...

This one is presented by Basket Lady.

If you had to make your ultimate MIX TAPE (er, mix CD) what would be the top 10 songs on it, and why would you choose those songs?

Okay, this one is not as easy for me as it should be. LOL I listen to so many different genres and I have everything divided into playlists on my iPod. It just depends what mood I'm in - know what I mean? Hmmm....what to do, what to do....? Okay. That's why this is called a "challenge" - so here goes! I just going to go with what my mood would be right now. This would be totally Inspirational, because that is where I'm at right now.

1. Bring the Rain - Mercy Me

2. Orphans of God - Avalon

3. Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns

4. Redeemer - Nicole C. Mullen

5. Voice of Truth - Casting Crowns

6. You Were There - Avalon

7. God In Me - Daniel Doss Band

8. Hold On - Daniel Doss Band

9. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Chris Tomlin

10. Word of God Speak - Mercy Me

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Traci said...

#3 is such an awesome song!