Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not So Wordless Wednesday...My amazing girl!

Yeah...she's only 12, but she's pretty amazing. Not only is she "Momma #2" around here, but she is also such a great helper in the kitchen. My 8 year old loves to help and cook just as much, but I really have to supervise her every step at this point.
Hannah, however, is a different story. Last night she made these amazing Fried Chicken Tenders all by herself. They were seasoned, breaded and fried perfectly. She even cleaned up the mess afterward! Yup. Told you she was amazing.
Then if that wasn't enough....this morning she wakes up and decided she would make breakfast smoothies for everyone. A little yogurt, ice, fresh blueberries and bananas from Costco. She even decorated them!
I tell you. I am very blessed.


Patty said...

And, she's adorable.

Lita said...

Wow - at 12 I was hopeless in the kitchen! And nowhere near thoughtful enough to prepare breakfast for everyone. What an amazing person you are raidsing - congrats mom!

Brynn said...

Man, & here I thought my boys were doing good making top ramen & cold cereal! LOL Guess I should get busy & teach them huh... oh wait, I guess *I* need to learn to cook before I can teach them! Think Hanna would give me lessons?!

She is beautiful.

Lee said...

Beauty, talent and thoughtfulness. Now THERE is an awesome package. Lucky you to be so blessed :)

Kaye said...

Can you send her to my house, please??? I want someone to make me smoothies in the morning!

SavedbyGrace said...

She's just like her mom! This is something you would do! You set such a great example for your gals!
and yes, she is very amazing!