Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, brother it's the Jonas Brothers...again. =]

I am wondering how many moms of "tween" girls had to endure Camp Rock tonight? *phew* It is 10 p.m. and I am still standing. LOL Anyway, it wasn't too bad. My oldest had a friend come over for the show. First it was a swim in the pool and then out for the count down. They kept shouting out things like "One hour and twelve minutes until Camp Rock! hour and eleven minutes until Camp Rock..." You get the idea. Oy!

I wanted to be a good sport about it. I decided that we would have chili cheese dogs and s'mores. Taryn decided that she'd like to make brownies and since we were about to do ourselves in with sugar, I decided to also make these (clicky) from the Pioneer Woman Cooks. They were a hit. I am not a big fan of peanut butter, but these ROCKED. *chuckle*

Seriously, we had a great time. I sat back and must admit that I enjoyed watching my girls and their reaction to the show. Screams, tons of 'awwwwws', more screams and giggles. It was a good night. It is now about 10:15 p.m. and they decided they were going back into the pool. Yeah. I love summer nights like this. Oh, and here are a few pictures I thought you'd like.


~~Carrie Ann said...

Can I just say, those things look YUUUUUMMMMY! WOW! You know, we can't get good marshmallows here! I do we survive? They sell this really awful, strawberry flavored rip-off of a marshmallow...but nothing like the real deal! sniff Feel sorry for me yet? :) Love the pictures! And I can honestly say that I have never heard the Jonas Brothers! Is my day coming????

shirley319 said...

Fortunately, my kids aren't completely wild over the Jo-Bros. So there was no screaming, no count downs at my house. With all of our activities this past week, we didn't even catch the premiere. We did watch it on Saturday night on ABC.
I thought High School Musical was better. (Sad that I am critiquing movies for tweens, eh?)
The s'mores look YUMMY!

Kaye said...

I'm glad I have teenage boys and not teenage girls in my house. I saw that recipe at Pioneer Woman and thought it looked so yummy! I guess we'll have to try it soon.

Michelle said...


Like Shirley, we watched it on Saturday night too as we aren't big Jonas Brothers fans.

I will be if you make those smores for me. :D Yum!

SavedbyGrace said...

We tivo'd it! and Abby and I both liked the movie! :) Is it sad that I like thier song Burnin' up? hahaha

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Thanks mom for doing all of this for me. Theres not a better mom in the world.