Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She's in the kitchen again...Mangia! Mangia!

and I couldn't be happier! We went out to get library cards today so that we could really be prepared for our summer program. We decided to stop at Trader Joe's for a few items for dinner. We left with a bounty of goodness!

I just love this store. They have healthier alternatives to foods that I love, they carry lots of organic items, great produce and the prices are very reasonable! So we came home with fresh mozarella, fresh basil, extra long spaghetti (fun), whole grain sour dough bread, a few boxes of Quinoa, sweet Italian sausage, some great balsamic vinegar.....there may have been more, but let's get to the yummy pictures!

Hannah has been helping so much in the kitchen and today was no different. She got right in there and started putting the sauce together. I buy Prego with mushroom and then we add stuff to it. She cooked up the ground beef and the sausages. I put the salad together. It's so easy and tastes great. I remember eating this salad in Italy!

Fresh Mozarella (I buy the kind in water)

Fresh Basil (chopped)

Fresh Heirloom or Grape Tomatoes

Balsamic Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix all ingredients and serve. You can chill it first, but I can't ever wait. =]

Dad was very happy when he came home to this (as you can imagine). I had to think of my friend Miriam (Hi Miriam!!). She loves bread and pasta and would've loved it. I will call her next time. LOL

Taryn is determined to get some more blog time, so she asked if she could do some baking this weekend - that's her "thing". Don't worry, I'll keep you posted! ;0)


Lita said...

Looks gorgeous - my mouth is watering!

Kaye said...

Pasta and bread?? I love pasta and bread! That meal looks delicious.

CloverGirl said...

YUM!!!!!!!!!!! That looks delish!

And your kids are adorable. :)

~~Carrie Ann said...

Oh, man! Yeah...I'd blow my diet on that food! YUM! I am definitely addicted to carbs! Love me some long spaghetti (I've never seen that before!) and BREAD! Of course, I'd love that salad too! And how cool to have your dd helping in the kitchen! She's gorgeous, BTW!

SavedbyGrace said...

Dang, that looks good!

Next time you go, look for sunflower sprouts. You put them on your sandwitch and they are AWESOME! They have a nice sunflower seed taste to them.