Friday, June 13, 2008

June 12 on 12...Big Day!

So, I did remember this time that it would be 12 on 12...let my batteries die anyway. Ugh. Where is the little smiley banging his head on the wall now, huh? Anyway, I luckily had another camera (not that great), but it works. Our day was pretty full. We had a friend over and then had a graduation to attend and the party afterward. So, here we go!

Kelsi is a friend of ours that we haven't seen for two years. We had a great time though and it felt like there was no time passed between us. We just picked right up - that's neat. Little Marco really took a liking to her. He even decided to pucker up for her on command. He knows a pretty girl when he sees one! LOL

This is a common breakfast for little Marco. He wants me to hand over the whole banana, but I am not ready for that stress yet. No, not just the choking hazard - imagine the mess he would make!

So, I left Kelsi in charge of the kids in the pool while I ran out to Subway to get some lunch. I had to stop for gas and this was the cheapest I could find. Sheesh. I did see $5.oo the other day just outside of town though...

When I got back, they were all laying out. I thought it was funny that Naomi would want to lay there and roast with that safety suit on. Oh, well...she had to hang out with the big girls!

I gave Little Mojo an orange to play with while I was doing some things. He was super quiet. I was pleased. Until I found out why he was so quiet. Yikes. It wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't in his play pen. What a mess!

We got to the ceremony, which was held on the football field, and the place was PACKED. We couldn't even get to the bleachers. So, we stood. It wasn't too bad. There were lots of graduates that night.

Here's Joanna with the girls. Marco is in the background.

Everybody was pretty tickled by this tricky item. How funny, eh? Everyone that passed it was startled to see it spilled over like this. A few of the ladies (no men, mind you...ehem.) even tried to clean it up!

Guess who? Here are some of the kids watching the Lakers/Celtic game that was Tivo'd.

Pristael was asked (begged) to sit and play for us. She even took some requests! She and her brother both play fabulously.

And finally, her is Joanna with her friend. She is finally done with high school. What an awesome feeling. I can remember how relieved I felt to finish (even though it was in the 1900's) LOL. So, that was our day. We went home tired, but happy. Oh, except for that Lakers game.... *sigh*


Brynn said...

Wow Sherry, great pics! Souns like you all had a great day.

Don't even get me started on the game! GRRR

Kaye said...

The Little Marco pucker is hysterical! LOL!!

I was kinda mad that I paid $4.17 and DH paid $4.19 for gas today, but after seeing your prices, I think I'm grateful.

CloverGirl said...

I can't believe how big Marco is getting!!!

Great pictures.

shirley319 said...

You had an awesome day!
And I hope you don't mind, but I'm rooting for the Celtics - afterall, I am a Boston Girl at heart....