Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12 on 12...

Is there really just one more 12 on 12 left for 2010??! I can not believe it. This year is just flying by! We have been quite busy here in our household. It's only going to get busier because we've got the holidays coming, I am going to be doing some volunteer work 3 days a week at the elementary school and aaaaaallllll the rest of the fun that goes with this time of year.
Well, I had a few fun things happen today. The first is that I woke up to find that my Slug Buster painting was the featured art for the home page of my Soul Journaling group on Yahoo. This painting was the result of a challenge and they are called misfits. You can read more about it on my art blog here.

Marco has recently taken a great interest in small matchbox cars. He's had a few for a while, but he's just now getting the "hang" of how to play with them. So cute to see him setting them up and then crashing and racing them all over.

Naomi's recent favorite is a 99 cent microphone that I bought for her. It's just made of plastic and echoes back to you. She loves singing into it...

When he's not playing with his cars or doing "karate", you can find him with one of his best friends...Oso.

Okay. This candle is my new favorite. The other one (Creamy Pumpkin) was great, but THIS one. Ahhhhhh... I love it.

I've been using my Sharpies and pens a lot more these days, but I was searching for my very favorite black pen and could not find it. It was a black fine tip pen and I am pretty sure it was called Precision. I finally found it, but it was almost dry. I can't read the name on it, 'cause it was worn away. Anyway, I dumped out the whole container of pens to look for it, and then had to reorganize. I'm glad I did, but now I still need my favorite pen.
*My Sharpies always disappear thanks to my two older girls...but do you notice that they never take the YELLOW? *Shaking my head*

We took the family to Korean BBQ for lunch (cheaper at lunch!) to celebrate Taryn's birthday and brought a small cake along to sing to her. She turned 11 yesterday on 11/11. =)

Had to capture a picture of Hannah today. We all went to the mall after lunch because both of the girls had birthday money to burn. haha My beautiful girl almost always has some kind of flower in her hair. I love that.

We went into Claire's jewelry and I usually roll my eyes at them for wanting to spend money on that stuff. I always tell them that it's going to fall apart. haha. Anyway, my eyes came across a display of the most beautiful stuff. I wanted everything in this collection!!

We went into the Disney store because Taryn wanted to find some kind of Perry the Platypus item. The two little ones were in heaven! We don't go to the mall very often and this was fun for them. =D

Not too long ago, I shared how I won a doodle challenge on one of my yahoo groups. The package I got was packed full of cool vintage papers and ephemera. Anyway, there was a strip that was punched from some sort of text and it looked like a lace doily. I LOVED that little strip. So dainty, but clean, detailed lines. Just the right touch... I have been on the hunt for the punch and then today I got it at JoAnn's for 40% off plus 10% off total for about $9, I got this awesome tool and it totally made my day. I told you...I am a simple woman. *smile*

Finally, here is my birthday girl with one of her purchases. It is a pillow and throw blanket that's super soft and most importantly has a character from Phineas and Ferb...she was quite happy with her purchase too!

We all came home and watched a movie together, but the camera was put away by's harder to catch a picture of anybody once they're in their p.j.'s and sweats these days. I can't blame them, I have been hiding from the camera too. Next month, I promise a photo of me. =) Hope your day was a good one. See you next month!


TrulyBlessed said...

sis. i absolutely loved reading this. i love the "shaking the head" to the yellow sharpies. lol i really miss you guys and hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving. p.s. i hate Phineas and ferb... how ever you spell it! they drive me crazy. lol

hOpE said...

hello mate!
i'm new here..this is the first time i've visited your blog.its warm!
i hope to build a rapport.

ANABOLIO said...

Love your kids :)