Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude Journal ~ Day 4 ~ Good friends...

Today I got to spend the morning visiting with some good friends. It was Karen's birthday and Michelle and I decided at the last minute that it would be nice to go out and celebrate. Karen came and brought along a bonus - her daughter Bridgette and her grandson Canaan. Such a precious baby. He was just perfect and let us take our sweet time eating and chatting.

Later in the evening I got to spend some time with my very good friend Desiree. Even though she lives a few minutes away from me, we have totally different schedules and rarely have a chance to get together. Tonight I went to her house after dinner. She treated me to a sugar-free hazlenut latte and then we went back to her house to catch up. We laughed, almost cried and just shared our hearts. It was great.
I have so many friends that I am thankful for, but those are just a few. I am learning more and more each day who my true friends are, and for that - I am so grateful.

"Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Sherry!!!! I was thinking about u today because my husband said we will get to see u in a few weeks. So i decided to look at your blog. You are so talented!! I am exited to see how you and the kiddos are doing. I thik Alyssa will have great fun playing with Marco..she is running all over the place these days!!! And by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
See you soon. Love Tonya Alvarez