Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super-Awesome Family Day... Part 3

So after our bellies were full, yet again, we went to the Grove in Los Angeles. It's a great shopping center and also the location of the famous Los Angeles Farmer's Market. We just wanted to see the giant Christmas tree and musical fountains and the Farmer's Market, but we also knew that the kids would love looking at the different stores.

The dancing fountains...

This tree is over 100 feet tall. It is spectacular to see in person. Here's more fun facts about it.

This is the LARGEST Barnes & Noble I've ever been to. It's got 3 stories. I practically hyperventilate every time I enter.

This is just the entry way!!
Okay, so here is the store that the girls really like to visit. I have to admit that I really like it too. I love the historical display that they have on the second floor. It was so funny, because Little Marco did not say one word the whole time we were in there. He just sat in the stroller with this dumb founded look on his face. So adorable!

This is in front of the Felicity doll display...

They had a little Christmas money burning a hole in their pocket so...

This is at the entry of the Farmer's Market. There is so much to see (and eat) here. Of course, we were stuffed and didn't buy one thing, but next time, we'll save our appetites for this place. They have all kinds of ethnic foods that are cooked fresh, or fish/seafood that you can buy and have made, etc.

One of my favorites...the nut display.

How about all of the different flavored popcorn? mmmmm...

Some pretty good looking produce...

...and well, just look at Marco's face...Yum!

We headed home after we walked through the market and eyeballed everything. We were tired and ready for bed. It was just a perfect day - the most perfect thing being that we were together. Thank you God - we are blessed beyond measure.

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