Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super-Awesome Family Day...Part 1

So, it felt like forever since Marco got to take some time off of work. My grandmother was going to be spending a week with us, so Marco decided to take some days off from his job. Since some of the time was falling on Christmas day, he didn't have to count that day and was able to get an extra day off. We had a wonderful time while grandma was here. We took her to see the lights at Mission Inn in Riverside, the movies, out to eat...we had a really great time just being together. Marco had that extra day off after she left, so we decided it would be a family day. We didn't have a lot of money to spend, but we knew that wouldn't matter. The kids would be glad to have dad to themselves for a day. So, off we went...

First stop - IHOP. Wow, it had been a while since we last went. Everything on the menu was calling our name. =]

This is the face I got when I asked her how happy she was that daddy had the day off with us.

Yours truly, enjoying a cup of joe.

What? We like taking pictures...of food...and people...and well, everything.

These two are great buddies. Makes me so happy. Breakfast is done...let's hit the freeway and head out to Santa Monica. Should take us about an hour.

Surprised the kids with some Pop Rocks on the way for diversion. Remember these? They're still just as much fun as ever.

We drove past the Santa Monica Pier toward Malibu because we saw that the beach was open and empty except for one real well-known section that was filled with surfers. We wanted to find a place to pull over and let the kids go down to explore. It was the perfect day...

Here we are...the kids would stay dry for another 24 seconds after this picture was taken. Oh, well. It was fun.

Every direction you looked had a beautiful view. Isn't God amazing? Wow. To know that the winds and waves even obey Him. I love it.

Of course, Little Marco was beside himself with excitement. His feet were soaked. He was so happy though...


shirley said...

Sherry - what a wonderful day! The kids are getting so big! So glad you shared it with us.

SavedbyGrace said...

what great fun! Where's pitures of T Bear? and I seriously had to stare at Hannah's pic, she looked so young compared to her other pics! And I just love the one of Nay Nay and Mojo. I'm glad you finally posted something for me to read :)