Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super-Awesome Family Day - Part 2

I looked up to see Hannah showing Taryn how to make a heart with her fingers and then Hannah took a picture of it and the sun was shining through the heart perfectly!! I am going to ask if I can post it here, but the reason I like this picture is because I love catching moments when my children are interacting beautifully with each other. Makes me happy.

Just liked how this muscle shell contrasts with the sand...

Hands down, the best daddy and husband in the world. Hands down. =]

Cool bamboo growing by the road. We got back in the car and headed for Santa Monica Pier.

This. This is my life. You are looking at it...right there. *sigh*

The Morales Girls all in a row.

The view from the pier. We just sat and talked and looked.

...and he screamed. hahaha

We did have an ice-cream for lunch. =] Then we headed out to the famous Pink's Hot Dogs near Hollywood for dinner... What? You've never heard of them? Oh, no. You are missing out.

Really cool facades on the buildings...Oh...I think I see it!!

Since 1939...That's a long time. Look at the line....

It wrapped around the front of Pink's, around the antique shop next door and then wrapped around the back of the buildings. It took Marco about an hour or so to get to where he is there in the line. Maybe an hour and a half or more total wait time.

They have every possible variation you can imagine, named after all different stars - even Martha Stewart, with chili, cheese, veggies, onion rings, whatever... They don't write it down and you better be ready when you get to the front. Know what you want and say it quick - oh, and it's cash only. That's good to know if you're going to wait all that time. hehehe

Oh, and here is why they are SO good. Specially made hot dogs by Hoffy. 10 inches and there's this kind of "snap" that they have when you bite into them...mmmmm...and flavored just right. Yeah. Really good.

Worth the wait. Headed to the Grove next...

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