Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding favors...in the making...

Take a good whiff.... Can you smell the minty cool freshness? =]

So, here is a peek at the wedding favors that I am making. I plan on putting 2 peppermint patties in a plastic bag (sleeve) and then I am going to stamp and print another card or label for the outer package. Here's the start of it. You could do these to add to a goody bag or for showers, birthdays, etc.
Start with mini peppermint patties:

Other tools or items needed: Cardstock of your choice, Stamps, Ink pad, Cat's Eye Chalk, Circle punch (mine is Creative Memories), Scallop Punch (mine is Stampin' Up), Paper Trimmer (mine is Cricut), and adhesive or double stick tape (I used Pioneer Photo Splits)
I cut 1.5" strips of white to punch out the small circles. I stamped an image on the circle and then used the Cat's Eye Chalk to ink the edge of the circle.
I then cut 2" strips of the blue and punched out the scallop shapes. I used 2 scallops per patty. One for the top and one for the bottom.
I used photo splits to adhere the circles, scallops and patties to each other, but you can use double stick tape or even a dot of glue.
To be continued when I get around to the next step. I've only done 102 of these and I need about 300. *Yikes*
P.S. They taste great, no matter what step you're on! ;]


Lee said...

Oh my goodness! That's incredible. You're a stamping, wedding favour MACHINE :) Good for you. Now go get a massage ... or get one of the girls to give you a good back rub at least!

~~tonya~~ said...

Those look great!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!! Can you come back by soon and let me know if you still have to scroll over--I've been making adjustments.


Tracy Kosofsky said...

Wowza - these are FANTASTIC!! What beautiful favors!

shirley319 said...

Hmmmppff... I posted a comment last night, I guess it got lost in cyberspace.

Great job with these - I admire your patience and perseverance to create all of these!

The Ballengers said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I like the tins you showed in an earlier post too! My girls would be all over those! What were they for? You do some BEAUTIFUL stuff. One of these days you're going to figure out how to make a WHOL-LOTTA money off of it!!! One of these days, Oprah's gonna call you up and ask you to be on her show, and then the next day it will be me, and we'll both rise to millionaire status within a week's time! You with your scrappy talents, and my love for making and eating chocolates! HA!

The Shabby Secret Garden said...

THIS is fantastik... okay, you are one of my heros now! OHMYSTARSNGARTERS!
How do you do the...photo slash thingys?
This is thee best FAVOR FOR ANY party I've seen yet! LOVE IT! How does the tape stick to the foil?