Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nature Scavenger Hunt...

Do you know what this picture is?
The weather seems to be cooling down slightly. I think I will take the girls to Lake Perris or somewhere like that to do this Nature Scavenger Hunt. Here's a list that I am going to give each of them. Of course, I will be posting pictures - =] Just thought I would post these now for anyone else homeschooling or just interested in doing something outdoors with your family. Naomi and Marco will like getting in on the action too, I'm sure.
1. Find something wet.
2. Look for something that is moving fast.
3. Find something green.
4. Find something that has branches but no leaves.
5. Find something hard.
6. Find something brown.
7. Look for something orange.
8. Find something that floats.
9. Find something pointy.
10. Look for something with cracks.
11. Listen for something noisy.
12. Find something with a strong smell.
13. Find something a deer could eat.
14. Look for something a bird can eat.
15. Find something with thorns.
16. Find something slippery.
17. Look for something soft.
18. Find a something new.
19. Find a plant with leaves.
20. Find something put here by people.
21. Find something cold.
22. Find something tall.
23. Find something short.
24. Find something hot


Vivian said...

That sounds like so much fun. Maybe I'll do that when they are home from school in a week. By the way, is that a picture of a sunflower?

shirley319 said...

I guess sunflower, too!
What a fun activity. Can't wait to see what you and the kiddos find!

Tonia said...

Great idea! I think I will use this idea (in a simpler version) for my daughter.

Is the picture a sunflower? Sure looks like the dried out sunflowers we have in the backyard! :)

Keith and Liz said...

Hey, Sherry, I have been reading your blog for quite sometime. I don't know if you remember me or not, but I am Melinda Fleming's sister, Liz Fleming Willhite. I have 3 children and I homeschool. Thought that this was a really neat idea. My kids love the outside. We just made an earthworm farm, and looking forward to seeing the earthworms tunnels in the soil. Any way, the pic is a sunflower.

Midnite Scrapper said...

Yes! It is a sunflower! I hope that some of you that want to do the hunt will also post pics. Liz~in case you check back here - I definitely remember you have a blog? How'd you find mine. Glad to hear from you-say hi to your sis!

SavedbyGrace said...

Mine is up with pictures

~~Carrie Ann said...

Fun idea!

BTW, I tagged you! :)

McKay Family said...

I like this! Might have to do this just for me!