Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have you "Bean Boozled"?

One of the items I got in my goody bag at the scrapbook retreat this weekend was this box of jelly beans by Jelly Belly. They are called "Bean Boozled". They have some interesting flavors. Just look at the picture below:

Yup. Your eyes do not deceive you. Let's say you pull out a black jelly bean. It could be Licorice or it could be Skunk Spray. Speckled orange could be peach or vomit. Oh, yes. So nasty. Of course, you know the kids are going to love it. So when we passed a Jelly Belly store - I had to buy a few extra boxes. I even bought one for my hubby to use at Youth Night at church. LOL Here are a few cute reactions:

Hmmm...they both chose black. Licorice or Skunk Spray?

Can you guess who got what?

Now Naomi's turn...Cream colored. Cafe latte or Ear Wax?

"Ewww...dat's nasty!" Yup. Ear Wax.

She bravely tries again. Yellow with brown speckles...Top Banana or Pencil Shavings?

Must be Pencil Shavings. She said it was "odd", but not horribly bad.

Well, there you have it! Thanks to Theresa who introduced me to these. Great stocking stuffer, don't you all think? =]


Vivian said...

Thanks for reminding me that I had them. As soon as the boys finish their homework I'm giving these to them.

SavedbyGrace said...

how AWESOME!!! how much are they? Where do you get them and can I purchase 3 boxes please??? That is the coolest candy ever! I wish I was there to see them eat it! LOL

Dorsey said...

Sounds like the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean that they did with Harry Potter. Hubby got some and took them to work. Although this sounds like MUCH more fun!! HA!

Theresa said...

Awesome! I'm so sorry about the black one though. Poor girlie. I'm glad your family enjoyed them. They are fun. :)

Brynn said...

Too funny! Ok, I'll try mine tomorrow with my boys, who knows, maybe I'll even get brave & try one!