Monday, October 13, 2008

October's 12 on 12...

Phew! What a day! My hubby is a pastor and that means that Sundays are always extra busy for us. It was not until late evening, when I saw my oldest daughter taking pictures for her 12 on 12, that I realized I almost missed 12 on 12 again! Arrgh! That's pirate talk for "I can't believe it!" Luckily, I had been taking pictures of a few things today anyway. I just like to focus more on catching the unique stuff usually. So, here it goes. My 12 on 12...

When Starbucks is not an option...this will my trusty Senseo of course! =]

This is Yanira, her husband Roger and their new baby Aidan. I taught Yanira and her siblings way back when. My husband performed their marriage cerimony a couple of years ago and they wanted to come back to have him perform their baby's dedication. It was great to see all of them and the family that came to see the dedication, but the baby was the star attraction of course!

This is a new book I ordered for Taryn. It is a story about Anne Frank, by Josephine Poole. The story is great for younger children.

These are what I've been very busy with lately...I can't say much more about them, but I will in another post. ;]

This is what my scrap table looked like this afternoon. Like I said, I have had a huge on-going project!

This is what it looked like after I cleaned it up. I now have to tackle that tub of mint patties. No, not to eat them, silly! I am now going to start another project. I get to make about 150 or more wedding favors for a very special couple in my church. They will be getting married on November 1st. I will show you what they are once I get a few done.

Catching up on my blog reading. This happens to be one that I read whenever it is updated. *Hi, Shirley* I love the FOLLOW option on a lot of blogs now, because I can just choose to 'follow' it and I can see whenever they are updated.

Busted! Marco's new thing is trying to see how fast he can crawl up onto a chair or table and get into mischief before anyone catches him. He really keeps us on our toes. This chair is actually right next to all of my scrapbook stuff. He knows already (14 months old) that we do not touch mommy's pretty things. He will wander over and think about it, but I just say his name and he scrambles away. He loves the ribbon the most. If he can get ahold of one end from a spool....oh, man!

I got a new issue of Creating Keepsakes in the mail. They are still coming from a subscription my friend Tiffany bought for me last December. I have enjoyed reading them every month. I also happened to pick up the recent copy of Scrapbook etc. I am trying to save that for my trip, but I don't think I can wait that long. =]

My Hannah really makes me laugh. This is her striking a pose and then laughing at me, because she knew I was desperate to get enough good pictures for my 12 on 12.

I know this doesn't look very appetizing, but it wasn't bad either. My hubby threw a burrito together for me after church. Beans, cheese and chicken chorizo. Not bad, at all!

Like I said, Sundays are always very full for us. Here is my little Naomi sacked out on my scrap room futon. She is still in her Dora dress that she wore to church today. I didn't catch a picture of my Taryn, but I have to mention that I was able to take a much needed nap between church services this afternoon, because she watched the little ones for me. I love my little brown bear!
Well, there it is. My 12th day in October. Hope you enjoyed your little peek into our world. God bless you!


Lee said...

I'm always exhausted when I read your 12-of-12. Sunday isn't your only busy day! Great peek into your life, thanks!

Lisa said...

I LOVE those cans! How did you do that??? and I can't wait to see what you do with the mints! I'd love to do the cans though!

angela said...

i can so relate to your scrap space photo! aren't we brave to post those on the internet?!! hee.

shirley319 said...

I love the expression on Hannah's face - I sense lots of attitude! And cool to see part of my blog on yours.
I enjoyed reading about your day.

Elisabeth Renee said...

Aw Yanira looks great! I'm so happy for her. It's so neat that you are still such a special part of her life.

Maria Ochoa said...

Wow! This is neat now i can be updated on how the family is doing. I do say fanily bacause i consider myself part of you Ha Ha!
I feel like crying and am happy at the same time i wish i could be closer to you guys I've always wanted a family like yours. Thanks for sharing with me one day i want to be like you Please pray for me.
For my wedding im expecting your touch of hand, God has really blessed you, you have a real talent. Love always, Miss u

The Shabby Secret Garden said...

Yes, gotta see more of thee cans!
Ya know.. I'm happy to see other peoples work tables look like mine when I'm busy! They look so great all cleaned up but never stay like that if your havin any fun at all! haaa

MyRightToeIsSore said...

12 on 12 seems interesting. What are the "rules/guidelines" if any?