Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SS Blog Challenge: Happy Home

"Lack of a feeling of happiness in the home can result in debilitating lethargy and depression, so put the things you love into your house, and keep it as though it were the home you've always wanted." -Stanley Sherman

TO DO: Get out your camera and walk around your house. Take pictures of items that make YOU happy. What make your house YOU.

This first picture is my very favorite cup and Senseo machine. I would be lost without them. =] When I am home, I like to drink my coffee from this mug and this mug only. I guess it's the size and shape that I love most, but you already know how I feel about pumpkins and the color! LOL I do have a regular coffee maker, but who doesn't love a Senseo? I especially love the foam it leaves on top of the coffee. Yum and cozy.

There was a lady at the church I used to attend, who would take old pieces of furniture and then paint a beautiful painting on it. She donated several pieces to our school Christmas auction. I won one of them and battled over this little one (I liked that it was a magazine rack as well) and got outbid. Almost a year later, the lady that won it was getting ready to move out of state and gave it to my brother-in-law to give to me. She remembered how much I loved it.

This is my bedroom and I love that it is a refuge in our home.

You've seen this picture before, but it especially makes me happy for several reasons. The first is the grouping of pictures that a friend (Tiffany Begley) sent me. Secondly, the table is where we normally keep all of our Bibles - they are on the piano now, but we keep them there so that it is the first thing we see when we (or anyone) walk in the door, it is there as a reminder for each of us to have our daily quiet time, and we are not running all over the house searching for our Bibles when it's time to go to church. Lastly, I love the Pumpkin Teapot - it is actually a tart burner and I got it from a dear friend. We haven't spoken in over two years and I miss her. I think of her everytime I use this.

This is just a corner of my Scrap space. There are many things here that make me happy. I enjoy making things here that make others happy.
I love my home - every bit of it - even the garage that is in need of some serious purging. More than any particular THING, the thing that makes me happiest in my home is being with my family. We are very close and we are always busy. I love it when we can just be home, doing nothing special...just being together.


Brynn said...

Oh Sherry, your house would make me happy too!

~~Carrie Ann said...

What a beautiful home! I'm particularly enamored with your bedding! Oh...and the coffee maker! :)

The Ballengers said...

Your house inspires me! Thank you for these pictures! Have I told you lately how much I love your blog, Sherry?!?! It is such a refreshing part of my day. It is so much YOUR personality!
Also, never ever give up on a seemingly lost friendship. Time and love are amazing things.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Your home is gorgeous; very happy and warm and inviting.
I love your special place your bibles lay.... oh that just melted my heart that you said that is where they go. The trees above them make me think of the TREE OF LIFE... PTL!
And your scrappy corner? OhMIGOSH... I JUST CANNOT WAIT to see more... and see things you scrapbook and create! whooHoOo I'M SOO HAPPY TO HAVE MET YOU!

Maria said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing home you give me so many ideas for my future home since i only own a room?????? well sometimes. I love your blog page you are unique none like you.
Miss u

Maria said...

One more thing can i come live with you??????????????????????? or can you adopt me????????????????
Love Ya