Friday, October 16, 2009

My day on the 12th... =]

So...I used to keep a really great 12 of 12 album. It's where you take random pictures on the 12th of each month and then pick 12 of them to post or share that would best represent your day. It's a great way to glance back at the year!
Well, I've completely gotten off track with the posting. I'm still taking them...I just don't get them posted all the time.
I had to leave work early because Marco and Hannah were running a fever a couple of hours into the day. Taryn also came home from the field trip running a fever, so... everybody is laid out in the living room with their p.j.'s on and watching "Horton Hears A Who"...
Just glanced up. Only 2 are awake the other 2 have Nyquil flowing in their veins. haha. They'll be out for a while.
So, here we go. A glance into my day on the 12th.

We leave the house at 7 a.m. if we are on track. Here's Hannah....must've called "shotgun" early so she got to ride up front that day.

The little ones always sleep on the way to school. It's a good thing they don't wake up cranky...well, most of the time!

Taryn is ready for her day. She LOVES the 5th grade! Her allergies have got her eyes a bit puffy. Poor baby...

Here we are at our school now. This is a great place. =]

Here are some of my 10th graders. They've got such great spirits! They are singing one of the Asia songs and located the countries on the map as they sing.

This is Steven's "I can't believe it!" face. He's so funny. Awesome student.

My lunch today...more Atkins than Paleo really. My bento box with sliced roast beef, swiss and colby jack cheese, sliced tomatoes with mozarella drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a sugar-free jello. Don't forget the Dijon for my meat and cheese!

Marco was already home when I got there and started doing the dishes for me. He washed up everybody's bento boxes and bottles. I love him!!

Hannah uploading some pics of her friends.

Marco and little Marco taking a nap.

Love the colors on this ribbon. I got beautiful flowers on Sunday from our church family and they were tied up with these. I might post the picture of the flowers later.

Time for dinner. Chicken and rice for my little guy.

I bought these at Costco on the vine. So sweet. Getting ready to wash them here.

Had a good 12 minute run/walk in the "rain" (more of a drizzle) with my P.E. class today. Finally taking these things off to hit the shower.

Ahhhhh....finally relaxed and wearing my favorite cozy socks. It's the first time I've had to wear them this season. It really felt like fall on that day, but as I type this we have the air on because it reached 98 degrees today. Maybe So. Cal. did not get the memo that it is finally October.

Well, there's my day!! So glad that you could hang out with me. I've missed you!

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Cindy S. said...

Hi Sherry! Love your blogs. Keep up the good work!