Friday, July 31, 2009

Thankful Thursday...Little Marco is 2!

This is my little guy two years ago. After having three girls, I had no idea what to expect raising a boy. Well, let me tell ya. This kid is ALL boy. He is rough and tumble, loves dirt, loves to get into everything, is not afraid to climb.... makes me a nervous wreck.
But - he's also the sweetest, most affectionate out of all my kids. He loves to cuddle with his momma or sisters and he loves to sing along during our worship time at church.

We will be having a little party for him on Monday, but his sisters made him a little cake (which tasted incredible) and his dad gave him one of his gifts - a nerf gun.

It took him a while to blow out these two candles. So funny.

Of course, he didn't waste time with his new toys.
This little guy has changed our lives. He has brought joy to us that we didn't even know could exist. We didn't even know what we were missing! I don't know what he'll grow up to be, but I have dreams and I hope and pray that we can help him and guide him to follow his own dreams as well.
We love you Marco Joseph!!


shirley said...

Happy birthday to little Marco! He definitely is "all boy"!

Kel said...

Happy birthday (a day late) and congratulations Mommy - he's adorable!! Kel

SavedbyGrace said...

happy Birthday little MoJO! I can't believe he is already two! I feel like he just barely turned one... sheesh, time is flying by.

Nadya 's World!!! said...

Happy Happy Birthday little Marco!!!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!! :) We are in the same way here, 3 girls and if we'll be blessed with a boy one day I'll need all of your advise on how to raise him and LOTS of prayers!!! LOL :)

Jennie said...

Happy birthday to one cute little guy!

Rearing boys ae so much fun!

~~Carrie Ann said...

Happy birthday, Marco! Enjoy the party today! :)

Yolanda said...

Marco is just the cutest little guy ever!