Monday, June 15, 2009

June's 12 of 12...Perfect Day!

Guess what, friends? I remembered to take pictures on the 12th this time for 12 of 12! LOL I am going to give you a glimpse into our day...but in reverse. How's that sound? Here we go!

Here's Hannah...up close and personal. Loving the s'mores, but who wouldn't right?

Naomi prefers to just eat the marshmallow straight from the stick. Nothing wrong with that!

I know you are craving a s'more right now! LOL Don't forget this option that we also like to do. It's especially yummy for you peanut butter lovers! Just get past the Jo Bros in the post and you'll see what I'm talking about. ;]

Guess what this beautiful spread is for?

Yup. You got it right. See, I won a Family Movie Night package from another blog (I will post the link later) and I decided to make a whole night of it. So, we started out with grilled burgers, homemade fries...then we watched Mall Cop while munching on all the goodies that were included in the box. All the movie junk you can think of like popcorn, Dots, Jelly Beans, Gobstoppers, Swedish Fish, Skittles...yeah. It goes on. I told the kids to take it easy, because they'd have their own personal sugar "hangover" the next day. Of course they have no idea what a hangover is, so I just told them they'd have gut rot. hahahaha! They did pretty good and showed SOME restraint, but at the end of the night they wanted S'mores. Each had one and it was so good!

I stopped at my local Trader Joe's. I love Trader Joe's. Bought some great hummus in there. I've just been introduced to it by a friend who bought some at a Farmer's Market. I am hooked. Yes, I know there are some really good hummus's...hummuses...hummusi??? Oh, my word. How do you plural that word??? Anyway, I know there's some good stuff out there, but I am a beginner, so it all tastes good right now. =]

Took a picture of this outside of TJ's. What are they called again? Lea, Shirley, Lee? Help. I just know that they are puuuuuurty. =]

This is my ferocious dog, Oso. Okay, he might not be ferocious, but he is tough. He ate a whole baby opposum the other day. Yup. He's a nasty, wild dog. Very gentle with the kids and me though. He's just protective of his space. He is a jack russel/chihuahua but he thinks he's a bigger dog. He bares his teeth to the pit bulls and rottweilers like he's as big as they are. They usually leave him alone. They probably know that he's nuts. lol

I know this is called a bougainvillea, but who in the world knows if that's spelled correctly? We have this bush and another one that is a little more purple. They are beautiful, but very prickly!

Pool guy came today. It is nice to have someone who knows what he's doing come once a week to take care of this. Too cold to swim these last few days, but nice to know it's ready!

Marco and I decided to cut off the cable and that means that we don't even get regular t.v. We just felt we were paying waaaaaaaaaaay too much and we didn't care for most of the shows anyway. We loved watching the cooking, decorating, learning channels and of course I had to watch The Office every week....but we can do that on the computer if we need to. I am hoping this will help the kids choose better things to do with their time like read, create, imagine... =] We do have an old collection of VHS tapes and the kids just discovered some oldies, but goodies and I told them they could watch one. Funny how it's brand new to the little ones. I think they were watching Blues Clues here.

After cleaning up this morning, we went to the park to play. It was great to have the park to ourselves for a little while. We beat the afternoon rush and played for a long time.
It was an over-all great day. I love summer with it's flexible schedule and great weather. Who knows what July 12th will have in store for us? Check back and see!


shirley said...

What an awesome day! I want some smores now.... :-)
I have no idea what the pretty blue flower is though!
Thanks for sharing you day with all of us!

merideth said...

sounds like a great day to me...can i come swim in your pool? :)

Lee said...

Fantastic! Love having a peek into your day :) Looking forward to July's entry! Have a great month in between.

Vivian said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! If only I was brave enough to cut cable off completely, but I'm a tv junkie.

Traci said...

I'm just cracking up at the pluralization of hummus!

Lea said...

Hey, pass the smores please... especially those with the peanutbutter on em! I have never tried that and now I'm dying to. Just made popcorn and I ate it ALL.
God help me. Uggg I am so not weighing tomorrow.
I have no clue what those flowers are but wreeeeeeeeet wreeeeeeeew they sure ARE PURDY -- I agree!
Love that you won the movie give away! Sounds like yall had a blast!
Oso looks like he could rip someones head off. I see it in his eyes. lol WATCH OUT PITBULLS! My vet says the meanest dog on the planet is a rat terrier with a pistol. lololol Guess those things have alot of attitude huh?
Loved the peek in your day. AND YOUR POOL IS AMAZING! WOW! WILL YOU ADOPT ME?

Lea said...

what IS hummus
AND GO GIRL for cuttin off the cable
Wish I could get Myguy to do the same. I hate tv. EXCEPT for the christian channels.
Later gater
but what is Hummus really?
I really don't feel like googling it

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Perfect day...specially if it ends with s-mores!!! Yummy!!!