Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photo Hunt...PROTECTION...

This is a weekly meme called PhotoHunt...

This week the theme is PROTECT(ION).
Here's a couple cute pictures I took this morning, but more will follow!
If you want to play along, the key is in my side bar.

Little Marco is not fond of this gate, but we love it!

Our fearless protector, Oso. =]

Even Naomi feels safe with him around!

As promised, here are a few more pictures. Many of you long time readers know that my Hannah had another pug named Chowder. Sadly, he got sick with parvo and passed away. =[ Not too long ago, she got a new pug. She is VERY protective of her (Panini) and wants to try and make sure that nothing will harm her. =]

Here she is giving Panini her first treat and new collar.


Alice Audrey said...

We wore our baby gates out. Good thing we don't need them anymore.

RJ Flamingo said...

Good illustrations of the theme - I would feel safe with your little protector, too!:-)

Thanks for stopping by!

lynn said...

What cuties! Our kids hated the gates too.

Brynn said...

I seriously think your kids get cuter & cuter every time I see them!

srp said...

I need a baby gate to keep my cocker spaniel from going upstairs. Sometimes she decides to hide and my knees don't like to make that many trips up the stairs to get her. Great shots. Mine is here.

kay said...

Very nice protection. Every family should have it if there is a kid.

I'm up at

Do drop by and visit! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Sherri said...


Thank you for leaving the comment on my blog as I always love visiting others!

Oh gosh Panini is adorable and looks so sweet. Those pugs are sure one of the greatest creations on earth. I keep telling my family that I will always have a pug!

You have a great day!

Sherri said...

Hello Hello!!

Thank you for leaving on comment on my blog to come check out your pug photos. I love to visit others!

And oh my gosh is Panini every adorable - you daughter looks so proud and loving! So precious.

I always say once you own a pug you will always own a pug!

Enjoy you day!