Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fill Ins... and a praise!

Aren't these lovely? I bought these at Trader Joe's and they were all closed - I love watching them bloom "before our eyes".

Getting back in the swing of things here. Here are my Friday Fil Ins. My words in bold.

1. Apparently there's some sort of promotion at Chick Fil A this week. They are giving away free breakfast EVERY day. No purchase necessary - one per person. The school kids are loving it!

2. I love a sunny day, but really love it if it's not super hot.

3. I've been trying to focus more in 2009 and so far, I have been able to do so. I've blogged about it a few times, but I am FOCUSING more on my spiritual, physical, and mental self. I am FOCUSING more on being organized, because that always leads me to being more's a good thing!

4. What was the name of that lady? Oh, yes. Susan Boyle - that was it. She reminded me how much I love the music from Les Miserables.

5. For too long, I've been worried about what others think and it's high time that I do and be what I know to be right for me. I believe that if I feel that God would accept me the way I am, why should I care about anyone else?

6. I am not obsessed with Facebook or Blogging; I am not! =]

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting together with some great friends, tomorrow my plans include spending the day with my family and Sunday, I want to pray and worship with my awesome church family!

I also have a praise that I wanted to share with all of my bloggy friends.
Many of you have been sending up good thoughts and praying for my former student, Michael Chandler. After being in the hospital with heart failure and later pneumonia for almost two months, he is HOME! We are talking about someone who the doctors thought would not be alive today!! Yesterday, he stopped by the school where I teach to thank the students and staff who have been praying for him.
He is still a bit weak and shaky, his voice sounds horrible because of the ventilator and tuves that have been down his throat and he's lost a lot of weight. However, his spirits were up and he is alive! Praise God.
He is having trouble absorbing potassium, which apparently, is very important for his heart. Here is the picture of his visit yesterday:


McKay Family said...

That's awesome news!

Carol said...

Praise God!!!

SavedbyGrace said...

Enjoyed your fill ins.
Isn't it great to have a God that can and will answer our prayers? love it