Monday, April 13, 2009

April 12 of 12~ Happy Resurrection Day!

All the baskets left for the bunny to hide. Hope he's strong! They are packed full! =]

Beautiful Easter morning!

Marco stayed up so late preparing for church, Easter stuff for the kids, etc...yet he was still up early enough to make the coffee. Love him!

Oso got an Easter treat too! The ham bone from Easter dinner the night before. I gave it to him this a.m. and he went right to work on it! =]

My 4 kiddos all dressed and ready to go to church.

The two men in my life. Little Marco is enjoying a Mexican sweet bread called "concha". It resembles a sea shell and that's what it means.

Now he's eating beans with crema (served with fried platano, but he didn't want that) and fruit. We had a wonderful church service. Highest attendance we've ever had, I think. It was expected to be crowded because it was Easter services, but wow! Great day with worship, music, friends and fellowship.
My Taryn used all of her money to buy her sister Hannah the Deluxe Edition of Twilight. She's so generous. Of course, we all had to watch it this afternoon. I fell asleep though. Nothing like a good Sunday nap. =]

Alma brought in the most beautiful centerpiece for the Lord's Supper table. I am not sure what this flower is...Chrysanthemum maybe? I just had a flashback of Anne of Green Gables spelling that. LOL There were pink ones, blue, lavendar...I think they were all died with colored water though. Anyway, it was very nice!

Another arrangement by Alma. That's me peeking out from the top.

This is my dear, sweet friend Lorany. She is due with her first baby any day now. We are all excited about Joshua's arrival.

My oldest baby and I at the end of a long, but blessed day!
Well, there you go. Awesome day. We love to celebrate the Lord's Resurrection, but we like to remember all He's done for us on a daily level. He became man on earth to not only die for us and pay for our sins, but to live and feel and be able to empathize with us. He taught us all how to live. Full of love, compassion and mercy. Thanks be to God!
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Lee said...

What a great day :) Your kids are growing up so fast! What a wonderful family, Sherri.

Sue said...

Sherry - Hannah looks beautiful - such a young lady! The other kids look great but she just caught my eye as looking like a young lady!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Looks like y all had such a beautiful day!
Little Marco has GROWN!!!!

shirley said...

Awesome! Marco looks so big now. We all took naps Sunday afternoon, too. Must have been all that ham and candy. Thanks for sharing your day!