Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dippin' Eggs!

We dip eggs to leave for the Easter Bunny every year. =] It gets more interesting with the more kids and the different ages. No matter what, it's always a fun time!

At first, Naomi was only interested in dying her eggs pink. That quickly changed once she saw all the other options.

Some of the fun paints.

Naomi getting creative.

The speckled eggs were a cool surprise.

Ready for stickers, drawings, whatever!

Nasty, right? Marco was very involved in his project. It kept him quiet, so we let him have at it. Are all boys like this? I don't remember any of the girls ever doing this type of thing. Yuck. LOL

He even got sick of looking at it and pushed it to the side. He's screaming for a new egg. =]

I painted this egg with a tooth pick. Fun!

Hannah's egg...

Some of these were taken to church, but most were for us. =]

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Jasmine said...

I dyed eggs too, but none were as beautiful (or creative) as all of those, I especially like the toothpick painted ones.