Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keeping TRUE...

So, one area that I have been wanting to stay TRUE about is my health. I really got it together towards the end of 2009. Lost enough to start feeling like it was something that I could at least work on - that it IS possible to start losing weight and moving and feeling good again.
It's no secret that I like to eat. I am not even afraid to say it. I do love food, I love cooking, I love feeding others and sharing from my kitchen...but in being TRUE... I also know that I love looking and feeling good more than I love food.
I've been reading a lot about the Paleo or Primal way of eating. Some people think that it's the same as Atkins, but it really isn't. It's so much more, but I am not going to get into all of that right now. Think of all the "bad stuff" we aren't indulging on anymore.
For this post, I just want to share some of the low-carb dinners I've had recently. My lunches and breakfasts have been amazing as well. I KNOW that this is healthier. I am not afraid of meat. I have been eating more vegetables than I have in a long time...and a beautiful variety at that! Fruit? We love fruit! I don't eat as many grapes in one sitting, but we have them. Oh, by the hubby and my two oldest girls are in it with me as well. I have totally re-vamped our pantry.
Well, let's take a look at some of the beef dishes...

Here is some roast beef that was cooked in the crock pot, with steamed cabbage and instead of mashed POTATOES...mashed CAULIFLOWER!!! Yes! Everybody (including the kids) loved it. Plenty of beef broth or "au jus" as gravy....big hit.

Instead of carne asada tacos, we had carne asada lettuce wraps. Side of avocado for those that care to have it, romaine lettuce and monterey jack cheese. Salsa verde or green salsa to top!

There was a great sale at the market on good steak (I rarely buy it 'cause it's too much for a family of 6)....anyway, I had also purchased a little bit of mussels and a bag of raw frozen shrimp as a "go to". Here we have grilled steak (seasoned perfectly), garlic butter shrimp scampi and some mussels steamed in white wine/garlic/pesto sauce. We ate those like an appetizer. Oh, and the sauteed zucchini was to die for!

The two older girls were out the night I served this. I had two of the steaks left and had Marco grill them. He opted out of the brussel sprouts and had a big salad, but after tasting one of these....yeah. He was all in my business.
Grilled steak with steamed brussel sprouts with butter and shredded cheese. LOVED this!!
Well, maybe I will post some chicken meals soon and then fish...sounds good, eh? Along with exercising, we are seeing the pounds drop...not melt away....we are working hard at this, but I am really hoping to keep it real. You know how I do, I want to be TRUE! =]


Anonymous said...

great food my little hamburger soup seems so blahhhhhhh......Isn't meal preparation a big deal with kids and hungry men...? Keep up the good work love you...Denise

Anonymous said...

I love the ideas for cooking healthy that you have here Sherry! Rusty found out that he is allergic to wheat and went "gluten-free" last April. He dropped 20 pounds in about 3 months, just by changing his diet! Of course, he was exercising a bit more because he had so much more energy. We are all eating less from processed foods and more fresh vegetables, fruit and lean meats. It's so good for everyone! Thanks for this blog, I love it! Christine Cole

Yolanda said...

All of that looks delicious, would you share with me your recipe on the brussel sprouts?