Saturday, February 13, 2010

12 of 12 for February...

This month's 12 of 12 fell on a fun day. We were busy celebrating Valentine's Day at school and also had a Valentine's Banquet for our church. Here are some pics of my day...

These were a sampling of the decorations I made for our banquet. The 'cooty catcher' candy dishes were really fun to make. You could do those in any color for any theme! The vase is filled with red hot candies...

This is what I saw when I got in the car to go to school this morning. Marco is great about special days. He gave me a gift card for the Bare Escentuals store and a bottle of Still by Jennifer Lopez (perfume). I'm a lucky girl! (blessed)

These were also in each of the kids' spots...they get something too!

Not a great shot, but this is the little mailbox my Taryn asked me to make for her Valentine Buddy exchange at school. The girl's name is Allie. Taryn filled it with Allie's favorite candies.

Here's little Naomi (and class mate Sydney) enjoying her first Valentine's Day party at school.

This is my new favorite indulgence. I've tried to not drink soda at all, but when I do - this is it now. Remember the commercial, "Sugar-free Dr. Pepper, tastes fattening but it's not..." Yeah, it really does taste that good! =]

One of my sweet students brought me this lovely candle...made my day!

Another student gave me this beautiful tulip. So beautiful!

Had to rush home and get ready for the banquet. We have had it at the same restaurant for a few years now and really like it. Great food and fun.

Here are some of the things I made..."Set Your Heart In Order" was the theme.

I had steak (medium rare), veggies and loaded mashed potatoes. Yes, I did eat the potatoes!!

Oh....and did I mention the pie? Yeah. Ate all of that too. =]
Well, that was it...It was a great night. Lots of good food, fun games and a great challenge by Marco. I went home and went straight to bed. Great day!

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