Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 12 of 12...the first for 2010!

Well, I am about two weeks into the year 2010 and I have really thought about being TRUE and keeping it real!
One of my favorite memes is the 12 of 12 meme. You take pictures all day on the 12th of each month and then you choose 12 to share with us on your blog, facebook, etc. If you can do this through the year, you will have a wonderful year at a glance to look back on.
Well, here we go - not really exciting, but it was my day!

I turned the t.v. on (in my room) so that Naomi and Marco can hear the music of whatever is playing at the time. It has helped them to wake up with a better attitude. =] Here they are watching "Imagination Movers". hour later my alarm is still going off. It doesn't matter that I had my alarm set, I forgot to put the sound on! Duh. Thankfully, I woke up before I need to anyway.

Taryn should've ironed the night before, but she had her uniform in the dryer still... Come on Taryn! Careful with the steam though!
This is my room and I am dying to get some paint on these walls. Even if you don't have time to do your whole room, you should make your bed (at least) - that way you feel like something is in order!

This is a view of our gym wall from the upstairs windows at school. Some boys, along with coach, painted this up here. I love it!

The seniors went on a quick field trip to Starbucks. One of them brought me this very yummy, sugar-free Passion Tea. It was so good.

This is my classroom. I am forever trying to keep this window clean of all the nose smudges...haha. I will be decorating for Valentine's (February) on the 14th of January.

I actually left school before 5 p.m. today! As I drove out of the parking lot I realized that I had to come back and take a picture of the temperature on the marquis. How's that for January? =]

Here is my silly girl. She is such a great help to me...she's getting ready for volleyball tryouts. Ugh. I hate waiting and waiting to find out.

This is as close as we're getting to my self-portrait today. I dressed out and had a great time with the girls in P.E. class with the girls. My shins were burning from the run though. Ugh.

I took this picture when I pulled into my driveway. The sky really has been beautiful lately!

Here are the two "buddies" in the house. Hannah bought them these little mini Dreyers ice-creams. They were in heaven.
Well...I think I started to fade after the ice-cream was passed around. I was grading papers until I couldn't see straight.
How was your day?