Wednesday, May 13, 2009

(Not so) 12 of 12 in May...

So...sometime last night around 7:30 or so I get an email reminding me to get ready for May's 12 of 12!! Yeah! I love 12 of 12. You take pictures all day on the 12th and then pick just 12 of the ones you think best represent your day or whatever...but, it was already the 12th...and it was almost over! AAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKK! No way! I ran (clicked quickly) over to Shirley's blog. Nope. No 12 of 12 yet. Scurried (clicked even faster) over to Lee's blog. Yup. Missed it. Hers was up. It's not like the calendar was lying, but maybe I was thinking if we all missed it, we could have a do-over. =] Oh, well.
I have a better idea! How about 15 on the 14th, but they were taken during the whole month of May. How's that? Good? I thought so. Here we go!
Some pics may be a repeat for my Facebook friends. =]

I spoke at a ladies conference and they had a Hawaiian theme going on. This is me with my youngest daughter, Naomi.

I am working on decorations for my ladies banquet this Saturday. I've decided the theme would be "Bless our nest" and now I'm afraid that I've become obsessed with nests, birdcages, and speckled eggs. =]

I was in our school yard taking care of some business on the phone and I was standing right next to this tree for about 10 minutes before I noticed something strange going on...

It's like Stonehenge...but not. hahaha! Seems like the kids have quite the artistic eye. I love this sculpture!

My daughter Taryn and I worked on this fun project just last night. She did a book report on Treasure Island. She had a written report due, as well as this shadow box. She did everything but the Stickles (glitter glue) - that was a bit too tricky for her. Great fun!

Here is the pirate scene inside.

This was this morning, but this is a regular scene. The two are really close. I love that! He was asleep, but I guess I was too loud. =]

My oldest daughter, Hannah, will be graduating from 8th grade on the 21st. I can't believe how time flies! We went over to the Historical Mission Inn in Riverside to take some pictures with her class. She attends a small Christian school and the classes were a little small this year. Better for us. =]

Our dear friends, Robert and Lorany, have just been blessed with their first child. I blogged about their wedding almost 2 years ago. They are like family and we are so happy for them and so happy to meet Joshua Isaac.

Marco finally got a "barber shop" haircut. The day I was out speaking at the ladies conference, my hubby took him to the shop to get a haircut. I was sad at first, but I love it now. He just doesn't look like a baby anymore does he? Well, he WILL be 2 this end of July.

My guy.

I love this one. He is calling our dog to come to the gate. "Osooooooooo!"

Here is her class. She's the second girl. =]

She wants to get her hair cut in an "A-line" bob - kind of like mine, I guess. I don't know... I also just took her to get her eyebrows waxed for the first time today. (no picture posted yet) It went pretty well. You can see that she has a scar above her left eye. She got them waxed so that they are not too thin or unnatural, but you can't really tell she has that scar. She has to keep it up with her own money, so we'll see.

One more with the class. This would've been great if I really knew what I was doing to get the "full effect". One day, I would love to take some photography classes. =]
There you go. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Come again when you can stay longer and I'll put on some coffee or tea for you! Only one week left of school and then I am gonna PLAY and you are going to hear all about it!! =]


Jayne said...

Great fun :) I think you did a nice job with the class photos! (Love the B&W one!)

Lee said...

Great pics, Sherry! Had to laugh as I was thinking of you all day wondering if you had received the reminder as I knew you had signed up. Your class photos are great :)

shirley said...

Hi Sherry! Great pictures - the class pictures at the Mission Inn are wonderful.
And my 12on12 are now up (I was a bit late :-] )

Nadya 's World!!! said...

That was so much fun!!! Thanks so much for sharing your photos and stories behind them Sherry!!!! I love it! Your little guy is so cute. I just love the pic of the two sleeping on the couch. Congratulations to the Grad!!!! Going in too 9th grade... WOW! :)
Nadya :)

Kel said...

Teaching young Taryn how to use Stickles... I'm so proud of you! :-)


Anonymous said...

omg i love ur post so much and i didnt know mj n naomi are close thats so cute

The Ballengers said...

Love the pictures! I think Hannah would look great w/ a bob. I let April cut Hanna's and Allison's hair into bobs while we were up there this past weekend. I was a little nervous, but SO glad we did it. They are so cute, and the cuts seem to reflect their personalities!! By the way, Marissa wrote a letter to Taryn today, hoping for a penpal she doesn't already KNOW. She is tired of writing notes back and forth w/ friends around here whose interests and such she already knows....and wondered if Taryn would like to write. If not, no big deal...but expect a letter soon! :)

SavedbyGrace said...

I loved your 12 on 12! what great shots and wonderful things to look back on! I feel like I don't completely miss out on their lives when i read your blog!