Monday, August 18, 2008

Random photos and summers end...

Thought I'd post some random pics from the summer. School starts tomorrow. Where did the summer go? I have no idea, but it's always too short. I had a big 'ole post that I wrote up. It was deep. Lot's of pondering thoughts and what not. Decided I'd sit on it for a while.
Before I get into the photos, I thought I'd thank those of you that stop by and read my blog. I'd love to hear who you all are. How about giving me a little "shout out" that you were here? Some of you leave regular comments (which I love), but many of you just flit through and I'd love to know you better. =] Have a great week Bloggers!

Taryn got a Webkinz and spent a lot of time this summer figuring it out. She's hooked!

Hannah is playing the guitar and will continue lessons at school.

Marco walks and gets some big boy shoes!

Spent many, many hours out here.


Card making...better than idle time, right?

Marco finally gets some of his own toys. No more borrowing the Barbie car to play. LOL

Attended my niece's Quincenera (Sweet 15th) Dedication

Went bowling with Uncle Jaime

Marco's first trip to the beach.

Spent time with friends. This is my dear friend Miriam...

and our dear friends Lorany and Robert

Lots of summer fun with the youth group. Here are just a few of them at my house after a video scavenger hunt.

We finally got a chance to go to the San Diego Zoo. Awesome!

Got closer to my hubby. He's such a hard worker, yet he always makes time for me and the kids!

Amazing Casting Crowns concert. There are no words.


Lee said...

Looks like an amazing summer. Well, since I read your blog daily, I KNOW you had an amazing summer! My kids are all itching to head back to school. They miss their friends!

CloverGirl said...

What a great way to wrap up your summer - show off the good times.

Your family is adorable, Sherry!

shirley319 said...

The summer's over, but now you can start taking pictures of Fall!
(But I'm not sure what that is really like in CA...)
I recognize lots of those pictures / events, so I must stop by quite often.
School starts on Thursday for us... the kids can't wait.

Menjiness said...

Ok Wait, WE spent lots of time together this summer and I am NOT mentioned once.

See if you get sonic missy.

JUST KIDDING! Love ya!!!

Elisabeth Renee said...

I'm a little jealous you got to see Casting Crowns. haha j/k Fun summer! Have fun starting school!! The best time of the year :)

Beth said...

Hey Sherry... now that summer's over you'll have time to read the book you won by posting on my blog! Email me with your mailing address and I'll get it to you asap.

SavedbyGrace said...

I'm sad because somewhere in there, there should've been a picture of you and the girl at my house :( But it didn't happen. I am looking forward to seeing you in Washington. I miss you tons and I can't wait to pass out kisses!