Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 12 on 12

I knew that I wanted to take things slow today - I needed it - then I realized it was 12 on 12 day! Ugh. How could I "jazz" up my day? Well...nevermind. It's supposed to be a day in the life - right? So here it is. My exciting day. =]

Gotta love my Senseo breakfast blend coffee with vanilla creamer. Yes, it must be in this mug. I just like how it fits in my hand...oh, and I have this thing for pumpkins. LOL

First one to wake up and of course, every morning, she greets me with a "Good Morning Mom." in her sleepy voice.

The girls and I had to run to a friend's house and I told the girls to make sure they ate something before we went...well, there were no "quick fix" lunch items so I ended up being a "dollar-naire" at Pollo Loco. LOL We all got something and the grand total was $5.35 =]

Uh oh...looks like we need to fix someone's straps on the car seat! Eek! That's not good.

Hannah got sucked into the Twilight series and we had gone to D's house to pick up the second book. Here's D's girls seeing us off after our great visit with them.

My little guy is getting way too big for this car seat carrier. He was on fast forward mode the whole time at D's house. He fell asleep the second we got him into the van in his seat.

Had to get home and cook up some dinner before Marco and I headed out for work. Actually, he would be coming home from work, eating dinner and going right back out to work with me. Poor guy - such a hard worker...never complains. Anyway, here's some boneless skinless chicken tenderloin grilling...oops! Looks like I got messy with the seasoning.

Here's dinner. Grilled chicken salad. Everybody likes a different dressing. Marco likes 4 cheese Italian, I like the red wine salad spritzer and the kids love Ranch...well, who doesn't like Ranch, right? Naomi calls Ranch dressing "dipper". She associates it with chicken nuggets. lol

These popsicles have been a great treat this summer.

The prices are getting a little better at some of the stations.

Ugh. The carts. See those frames at the end of the carts? That's where the ads go that I change out every month. This chain of stores actually will not be continuing with us, so I have been removing every frame at every store for the last couple of weeks. A job not for whimps. Yuck.
This is what I came home to. Looks like my little guy was looking for something. LOL He was probably looking for a guy toy among all those girly things. =]
There's my day. I came home late, hugged my kids, soaked in the bath and started finally reading Twilight. I was going to read it first, but Hannah got a hold of it. She's done and on to the second one so I can finally start! See ya 'round!


Lee said...

Love visit a day in your life!

shirley319 said...

You had a full day!
I thought the first book in the Twilight series was a little slow until the last 50 pages. I'm on the 3rd book now and it's more interesting. I also liked the 2nd book better than the first.

SavedbyGrace said...

I'm exausted just reading your 12 on 12! You need to come experience a 12 on 12 in T. or C.! :) I bet you couldn't even get to 12 :)

Cyn M said...

I love your "day in the life" illustrated by pics!!!
Your little man is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!
I just bought Twilight and plan to read it after I finish Rococo (the book I am currently reading). Enjoy!!!

Tammi said...

All I can say is this is exactly why you have children when you are young!! The energy it takes just to get through one day ... how I remember those days! Love you!