Monday, May 19, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #17 - Prized Pocessions

This challenge is from Lisa ~ I think she did a great job for her first time handing out challenges!

We all cherish our families and our homes and many of the bigger things in our lives. . .but what about something small? What is your most prized pocession? Is it a picture? Is it your great great Aunts tea set? Is it a family recipe? Is it something silly or sentimental? Tell us about it and why you value it and what makes it special to you. Please post a picture of the item if you can!

Wow. This one was really a hard one for me. I am pretty sentimental and find that I value a lot of the little things in life. Because of this, I tend to hang on to a lot. I am also on a journey to de-clutter my life, so I've learned to try to let go of some things. After thinking long and hard about this, I finally came up with one of my most prized pocessions - and here it is:

This is a heritage album. My grandmother, that I often speak about, gave me these photos. She knew that I would do something special with them and I have. I have pictures in this album that date back to 1909. I have wedding photos of my grandparents, great-grandparents and even my great aunt's. I have baby pictures of my father and my aunt that were taken in Japan while my Grandfather was stationed there during his service in the USAF. I am sure that there are older pictures of our family floating around somewhere, but to think that she trusted me with these precious memories mean a lot to me.

I have a very diverse background. My mother is Korean. My father is French/German and grew up around the Pennsylvania Dutch. I married a Bolivian. Isn't that a great hodge-podge? I think so. Just imagine the potlucks at our house! LOL Unfortunately, we are all many miles and miles apart. I take comfort in knowing that I have something that helps me to trace back my roots, what makes me special - what makes me different.


~~Carrie Ann said...

I love it, Sherry! What a treasure! I'm hoping to inherit all my Na-na's pictures! But I also got her started in putting them into a Creative Memories too! She had created beautiful scrapbooks that literally disintegrated while looking at them. We saved her WWII and pre-war era pictures and she put them into a CM album...I hope to get her journaling some more too! I love family heritage!

SavedbyGrace said...

Yah, I really like the book. Can you send me a copy???? :)

CloverGirl said...

That is an amazing treasure, Sherry!

Jim said...

Hi Sherry - thank you for the kind comments about my photo-blog. The titles and images are an aquired taste:-)

My best wishes,